Resident Evil 2 Classic REbirth DLL

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Create Date September 2, 2018
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  1. Extract the DLL in the same folder where your bio2.exe is located.
  2. Make sure that you are using version 1.1.0 and no compatibility modes are active (those are bad and will break the game).
  3. Boot the game as usual and, if you have the correct executable, you're done! If you try using an unsupported executable you will get a message that tells you it's not supported and nothing will be patched.


If you're having issues to locate config.ini next to the DLL and game EXE or the patch just won't create it, try moving the game folder to a non-protected path and make sure to give it user privileges, or just install the game in a path that isn't the default Program Files (x86). If config.ini is still not appearing by installing elsewhere, try running the game with admin rights.

179 opinions on “Resident Evil 2 Classic REbirth DLL”

    1. I haven’t yet tested this patch but I heard that the death scenes are already restored. If I remember correctly, the international release of PC version used different death scenes for Original and Arrange mode. Original mode was based on the international PlayStation version and used uncensored death scenes while Arrange mode was based on the Japanese PlayStation version and used censored death scenes. I don’t know if this difference is preserved in Classic REbirth patch.

        1. Thank you for confirming that. Out of curiosity: I heard that the SourceNext release of RE3/BH3 included the previously missing vibration support for controllers through DirectInput. Is vibration also included in the SourceNext release of RE2/BH2? If it is, how much effort would it require to enhance this feature to support XInput, as well? Understandably that is probably not a big priority, but it is something I was wondering about.

          1. I think the bytecode to make the pad vibrate is still there, it just does nothing. No idea if other special cases such as weapons still retain such functionality. Could be there, or maybe not, I haven’t verified.

        2. Would be very nice to remove censorship in the original mode because arrange doesn’t have auto-aim. Or just add auto-aim to the arrange mode. That stupid censorship is really very dumb and pointless feature…

        3. Thank you again for the information regarding the bytecode for vibration. Even if the SourceNext version doesn’t have actual vibration support, that might make it somewhat easier for modders to add at some point. Of course, that is mostly a cosmetic issue and the important thing is to get this game to work on modern systems, as has happened. πŸ™‚

          1. I did take some time to inspect if adding vibration would be possible. Some calls are still there and events would be able to take advantage of that, but in other cases (say weapon / enemy code), it would require way too many code injections.

    1. It’s missing in all the PC versions because those are technically filler messages while the game loads from CD. PC loads almost instantly, I guess that’s why they were dropped.

  1. thank you for all the good work you have done! do you plan to add more resolutions? i get a 1024×768 just after the standard 640×40… would be possible to add a 800×600 resolution between them? also, i like the title biohazard more than the resident evil one, do you also plan a patch where it is possible to choose between japanese and western titles?

    1. Partial resolutions have been ignored because they look baaaad. Currently they are all pixel precise multiples of 320×240, except for fullscreen, which adapts to whatever ratio your desktop vertical resolution has.

      1. aah i see now… knowing that now everything makes sense. i’m glad you guys are making such a great job. it has been almost 2 decades since the first release of the game and nobody has done something so professional like you people. i particularly loved what you done to save point problems near the end of the game by fixing it. i have one last question and it may sound silly to ask, but… anyway. it is possible to fix the platinum versions of the game? i know that the structure folders are similar. is it in your plans to give such a treatment? okay… thanx again and have a nice day.

        1. It is redundant to use the Platinum version at this point, for three reasons: 1) SourceNext is way more stable on modern Windows (i.e. no crashes), 2) with the DLL SN behaves almost exactly like Platinum, and 3) recreating this for Platinum would require all the patches to be remade from scratch, which is a lot of work and it’s not really worth the trouble considering all the PROs in using SN.

  2. Hello Gemini,
    The game crashes after entering Kendo’s gunshop after he says “FREEZE!” i am using sourcenext + your fix + 1.1 patch.

  3. 1. Game with this dll will not load while bandicam is active. It will just crash.
    2. Its not recognizing my Sony Dualshock 4 v2 gamepad, either wireless or via usb cable. If that could be fixed it would be awesome

    1. OK, my bad, i am an idiot. config.ini DinputEnable = 1 and dualshock 4 works. Only bandicam is causing crash with the game

      1. You can still use the Dualshock 4 as XInput if you install Ds4Windows. As for Bandicam, it’s probably crashing because it injects incorrectly into DirectDraw. Better record with OBS.

        1. Game without dll works fine with Bandicam. But once dll is added it crashes. As for ds4windows, thanks i prefer windows drivers, that way i have ps icons in games via steam.

          1. Bandicam simply can’t hook into my proxy DLL, since I basically made fake calls to DirectDraw to make it inject into the game seamlessly. As for DS4Windows, you can set it to launch manually so that it converts the DS4 into XInput only when you really need it.

  4. Ohh man this is super awesome. Finally a proper solution to fix this great game.
    One question . You have plans to traslate RE2 SN in other languages? Maybe French or German or something like that.

    Regards dude and keep this great work!!!

  5. I installed the dll and the patch, but when I did it stopped registering my controller. It said I needed “config.ini” but I couldn’t find it anywhere and I was wondering how can I get my controller working again. And if it’s not too much, is there a way I can get the bonuses of RE2CR but keep it in Japanese?

  6. A giant thank you. I’ve been considering replaying RE2 before the remake comes out and the timing of this release is great since my sourcenext version stopped working (pc died and a copy/paste of my old installed version made the game crash before full launch) and I came across this while looking for a solution. So glad you did this, btw this is the most painless patch I’ve ever installed, it couldn’t possibly be easier to use.

    1. If you have the game installed under default Program Files, chances are the ini is getting saved to a virtual folder somewhere else under C:\Users\[User name]\. I would recommend to perform a file search to find config.ini and change the DInput setting to 1, so that it works with DirectInput instead.

  7. PC version doesn’t have a bloody texture on the body of a zombie, when you shoot the head. I also remember that in the PC version on the back and front yard of the police station, as well as in the office where Marvin is not played audio tracks. In your patch these problems solved?

  8. Hi, so I played it up until main hall. I have one little issue. It seems to be running a bit slow. Not too slow, but not at normal speed either. Can you help me out?

    1. Not sure what the cause could be without context. Game is pretty old so it should run fine on most computers at 30/60 fps.

  9. Hi πŸ™‚

    I’ve installed the game and applied the patch on windows 10 but when I try to boot up the game, it saya ” no INI configuration was detected. a new INI will now be created from installed data.” but shortly afterwards nothing happens πŸ™

    any ideas?

    1. Change folder privileges to everyone read/write enabled and that should fix the issue if you have the game installed under C:\Program Files (x86) or whatever your default program files folder is. That will help the game create the INI inside the same path as the game.

        1. I had the same issue, here is how I fixed it: Start the game first with the regular non patch “bio2.exe”. After you first started and closed the game, you are now able to start it with the patched “bio2 1.10.exe”. A window for configuration should pop up and create the config file.

        1. Holy shit that fixed it
          Thanks a bunch dude :D:D:D:D
          strange since I was able to play the game on win 7 when it was installed in program files.

  10. very good job,i have created a mod_mn1_de folder and a manifest.txt file inside.
    i have copied all the mod files and renamed /common/datap folder in data… /pl0/rdt…
    have you made a bio2.exe patch to play correctly mn1 mod?

  11. Gemini Hi. Are you planning to add smoothing for backgrounds and sprites like in emulated psx version?
    I also found some bugs:
    1) PC version doesn’t have a bloody texture on the body of a zombie, when you crush the head( I wrote about this some time ago)
    2) A water in PC have another texture
    Check my screenshots:

    1. 1) That’s not a texture at all, that’s colored vertices which DirectDraw doesn’t support. The only way to fix that would be to rewrite the rendering code entirely to support something like DirectX 9, but it’d be way too much code to work out.
      2) Same as 1, DirectDraw doesn’t support textures as subtractive blending.
      Smoothing for backgrounds is possible, but it’s not easy at all due to the way texture mapping is limited to 256×256 textures in the structures used to out polygons on screen.

  12. how do i change the resolution? i know its f2 for re3 but that just seems to unlock the frame rate pls help

  13. as installed the mods could make a video tutorial explaining better why don’t get mod RE Destiny that left these days in the moddb

  14. Where can I find the changelog and controls for options like changing the resolution? Sorry I’m a dumb dumb and I’m probably not seeing it right in front of my face.

  15. Hey Gemini, eveytime I enter kendo’s gunshop and he screams Freeze the game crashes on me.

    I have tried doing fresh installations, using compatibility modes in Windows 10 even though as you say they break the game.

    I have windows 10 but I am using an Intel UHD 630, it runs just fine until i get to kendo’s gunshop.

    1. Whoooooops, I found out what I was doing wrong… -_-

      I was patching the bio2 1.10.exe with the english patch first and then I would add the dll into the same folder as the bio2 1.10.exe but with this dll you do not have to use the english patch because it already comes with the english patch.

      Just do a clean installation, add the bio2 1.10.exe and then the dll and eveything should just work.

      Sorry for not completely understanding, hope this helps other people with the same problem as me.

  16. Whoooooops, I found out what I was doing wrong… -_-

    I was patching the bio2 1.10.exe with the english patch first and then I would add the dll into the same folder as the bio2 1.10.exe but with this dll you do not have to use the english patch because it already comes with the english patch.

    Just do a clean installation, add the bio2 1.10.exe and then the dll and eveything should just work.

    Sorry for not completely understanding, hope this helps other people with the same problem as me.

    1. Yeah, you can’t really use the previous English patch as that uses different room data and is bound to crash as soon as it tries to display any messages. My DLL enables all the English text that is already in the data and provides of its own whatever was missing. It’s all self-included.

  17. Runs perfectly in 640×480 windowed, but the cutscenes are lagging terribly in fullscreen.
    Anybody else has this problem.

    1. Can you tell me what OS you’re using, graphics card, and processor? It may be a hiccup with bilinear filtering making it lag behind, tho in some cases it seems caused by Win10’s ability to quickly upload frames to graphics cards.

      1. Hey, thanks for replying !

        Win10, gtx780, i5 4670k. I tried disabling v-sync, texture filtering and anti aliasing in the nvidia settings, but it didn’t seem to make a difference.

    2. I can confirm the video stuttering issue. (Windows 10 x64 1809, I7 8700k @ 4,8 ghz, 16gb 3200mhz DDR4, 1080ti) It works perfectly in the gallery and when the first CG Cutscene plays. A really good example, is the arrival of Mr. X in the B Scenario via Helicopter. It’s really stuttering and skipping frames here. Also i had to turn Gsync on my Monitor of because of weird slowdowns in game occuring with it. otherwise i have nothing really to complain. keep up the great work. but please look into it.

      1. Version 1.0.6 will run with a much more optimized version of ffmpeg. I was reported that it can play 1280×960 movies with no stutter whatsoever, so the old 640×480 movies should be fine if you had issues before.

  18. Great job you did! I have a question. Is very hard (and too much time to do it) to change damage/HP and enemies placement just like original RE2: Platinum?

    1. Arrange mode is basically the US difficulty, which corresponds to Original Mode in that version. Sourcenext has them switched around, as for Japan Arrange Mode represents the foreign version. It even has autoaim disabled, censorship turned off, and can access the Pause screen.

  19. thank you for all the hard work putting throught
    tho, i have a grave problem here.
    So, i want to play the game, but it kept saying “no INI configuration was detected. a new INI will now be created from installed data.” every time i open the exe file and stays at background (i checked in task manager and still running, doing nothing).
    I’m using Windows 10, and japan locale
    ofcourse, there is squared checked on “Read only” on property window (if that helps probably)
    and i cant uncheck it (it will come back again). Althou, the privelege on Users, they can write the file…
    hope it can be solved quickly.
    thanks in advance.

    1. If it’s under default Program Files path, try unstalling the game and installing it elsewhere in a fresh path that isn’t system protected.

    2. I had the same issue, here is how I fixed it: Start the game first with the regular non patch “bio2.exe”. After you first started and closed the game, you are now able to start it with the patched “bio2 1.10.exe”. A windows for configuration should pop up.

  20. I’m stuck with the “no ini” issue as well on latest Windows 10. Moving location doesn’t help, folder is stuck on read only, no matter what I do, I can’t grant the folder permissions.

    1. If you have it installed under default Program Files it usually happens, at least on Win10 with its weird permission thingy. I would suggest to move it elsewhere when possible, otherwise to just install it in a newly created path where default permissions are applied.

    2. I had the same issue, here is how I fixed it: Start the game first with the regular non patch “bio2.exe”. After you first started and closed the game, you are now able to start it with the patched “bio2 1.10.exe”. A windows for configuration should pop up.

  21. Hello!

    Do you know if it’s possible to lower the resolution to 240p so that the game would look like it does on the Playstation?

  22. I have a 1080p monitor. If I hit F8 a few times, the game will be borderless fullscreen, but stretched horizontally to fit. I was wondering if it would be possible to add an option to have integer scaled and fullscreen (E.g. 640×480 and 1280×960 with black bars on the top, bottom and sides).

    1. Sounds like an issue with your GPU forcing it to stretch instead of default native black bars.
      If you have an Nvidia GPU, check your resolution & how things scale to fit, if it’s fullscreen, fit, etc.

    1. It was originally there but I had to remove it due to bugginess in some sections like the gallery. I’ll probably enable it back via config.ini.

  23. Hey there! I just happened to think about playing RE2 again before the remake happens. Everything’s working perfect but is there an explanation of every setting in the config.ini file? I especially want to unlock hard mode from the get go.

  24. Thank you so much for your hardwork!
    Would it be possible to make an alternative version keeping the japanese text with all the improvements?

  25. I know this sounds really dumb but where is the config.ini file located?
    I can’t find it in the RE2 game folder.

    1. If you have the game installed under Program Files (x86) it was probably sent by Windows to one of the hidden mirror folders inside users settings.

      1. Ah I see
        I reinstalled the game into my documents on win 7 (on a different laptop of course) and it appeared after I closed the game.

        Thank you for all of this πŸ˜€
        hopefully we get a skip ingame cutscene feature.

  26. Thanks so much man by continue the support of this great mod. You think that this fix can be aplicated en RE3 SN? Any chances to fix this game too?


    1. Been asked before, and I still can’t find a proper copy of the game. All I was given so far are pre-patched copies that don’t really help.

      1. BIOHAZARD(R) 3 PC.exe
        ISO: 8A03104EEED246F9093694EB2BA2D061
        V1.1.0: 61876BB282B4CE4437559C839E1DC9CD



  27. first of all, i should be thanking you once again for this incredible work.

    at this point i have this feeling that you can do whatever you want with the game due the immense knowledge you have with the engine. mesmerizing i should say.

    i noticed that pressing f6 in gallery mode reduce the size of the font of game status… i know it’s not a big deal, just saying.

    is there a way to add a fps counter to it? have you thought about making a launcher for the options in ini?

    ok, that’s it. have a very happy xmas and happy new year. much love for you!

    1. I did think of having an fps counter at some point, but my code kept on busting the actual value.
      As for a config.ini interface, somebody did think of that, but it’s not really necessary. I mean, it could be nice, but there isn’t any actual place in the game to place that safely.

      1. i see, thank you for all the considerations.

        there is something that is puzzling me though. i tried the arrange mode, which supposedly have different locations for ammo and such, but i noticed there’s no difference between original and arrange when using your dll.

        then i tried the game without it, and there they are, all ammunition were back to their right positions.

        it’s like choosing for auto aim in arrange actually is just pointing to original game, not arrange…

        is there something i’m doing wrong? or it’s just a problem on my end?

        1. Whoops, I effectively messed up the flag responsible for the switch between arrange and original mode. Oh well, one fix to add to 1.0.5.

          1. Oh..i just finished both runs Claire and Leon and was about to start arrange and noticed that issue . Well, alright ,will wait for fix!

  28. Oh mann this is so fucking good. Finally a great fix for a great game. Do you have in mind offer support for other languages?. Im from germany and a i love so much have this game translated with this ddraw.dll. Do you think that is possible?

    Regards master!!

    1. Probably possible as a mod. The thing still has no support for anything other than English, but it’s possible to expand string support to have custom encodings.

  29. 240p looks fantastic. Thanks so much for adding that back in.

    I am using an app called Lossless Scaling to integer scale the game. For some reason, the app has issues with bio2 when used in conjunction with your mod. The dev of that app indicated that when he tells the window to be borderless, it doesn’t do anything.

    Is this something that can be corrected? I would love to play 240p mode at 1280×960.

  30. Hi, trying this mod for my first time and loving it. I haven’t had a single issue other than one: the FMV cutscenes play very slowly and then the audio goes out of sync. This issue goes away when I remove the DLL from my game folder. Any ideas?

  31. P.S
    Because i run this on machine that is built for arcade, i have no desktop and everything has to be automated as it uses a front end.
    I made a simple ahk script that will be called from (bat converted to exe) and it will make game fullscreen by sending F8 and close game on pressing escape also move mouse out of bounds of main screen.Maybe someone will find it useful πŸ™‚

    #SingleInstance Force
    Sleep, 2000
    SetKeyDelay, -1, 110
    Send {F8}
    MouseMove, 0, 2160, 0, R
        Process, Close, bio2.exe

    It needs small bat in order to run, but it has to be converted to exe (bat2exe)
    like this

    @echo off
    set "GAMENAME=bio2.exe"
    set HOME="%~dp0"
    set "GAMEROOT=%~dp0%GAMEPATH%"
    cd %GAMEROOT%
    start "" "%GAMEROOT%closebiohazard.exe"
    start "" /wait "%GAMEROOT%%GAMENAME%"
    taskkill /f /im closebiohazard.exe

    Have fun! and Thanks man !

  32. Hey, Gemini! I have a question regarding this .dll.

    So I installed it just like you said to do so in the instructions and everything works flawlessly, but I noticed that whenever I switch to fullscreen by pressing F8 (I have a 1080p monitor by the way), there are visible white lines or other small lines across most of the text, parts of the inventory, and item box in-game and even on some animated models, like the fire effects. I looked up on YouTube videos that use your .dll and it seems like most, if not, all people don’t have the same issue I do in fullscreen and most of them recorded their gameplay in 1080p. So I’m wondering if the problem I have is due to some settings I have to change on my part or just some other issue that may come with it.

    I’m on Windows 8 and have i3-4150 @3.50GHz, 6GB of RAM, and GTX 745 Ti 4GB if that is of any help.

    1. That’s a normal issue with resolutions that are not integer multiples of 320×240. That’s how DirectX 7 works, no idea if there is a real solution to this.

  33. Thank you! Thank you! Is like vaccine to Marvin πŸ™‚
    You doing great job!

    So far RE2: Sourcenext looks best ant performs best (thanks to you).
    Just wanna ask, maybe you gonna work also on RE2: Platinum?
    Cause RE2: Sourcenext is way to easy :/ (HP and DMG still for JP in any mode).
    Or is possible to work for perfect RE2 PC version? To correct those HP’s and DMG’s tables – is way too much work?

    P.S. i have a problem on RE2: Platinum in non software mode: (
    Win 10 Pro laptop (Intel HD 620 + AMD Radeon R7 M445)

    1. Never gonna bother with Platinum, it’s old and totally unstable. As for health tables, those can be easily changed if needed, but I’m not 100% sure they are different in the slightest, since this all PC releases are based on the DualShock Version.

  34. No ini configuration detected. and no, it’s not installed in ProgramFiles. It’s installed on my external ssd, and there’s no security tab. And have no issues with permissions on any other games.

    Guess i have to play without the patch.

    Windows 10 1809

    1. I had the same issue, here is how I fixed it: Start the game first with the regular non patch “bio2.exe”. After you first started and closed the game, you are now able to start it with the patched “bio2 1.10.exe”. A windows for configuration should pop up.

  35. Can you please post a link to the ini file and ill edit it manually? I don’t think it’s going to work otherwise.

  36. hey i need some help.

    this patch is working perfectly. but I can’t get the death scenes to work.

    it says the config.ini has this line:

    CensorshipDisable: 0 leaves the original settings, 1 forces censorship in death scenes to be disabled for every mode.

    but my config doesn’t. And If I add it by myself it just gets deleted πŸ™

  37. Some hidden items are missing, mainly I just noticed pistol ammo. I couldn’t find hidden ones like the one behind the statue puzzle or the one in the chopper smoke (after you extinguish the fire).
    Is that a bug or something like that?

    Thanks for the amazing work dude!

    1. just an update,
      1 more can’t be found: dark room

      I just tested without the DLL and I could find them without the DLL but cant find with the DLL.

  38. please we need full screen and desktop resolution so anybody can play it at any resolution of his computer not borderless and 2560×1440 and also make that on biohazard 3 last escape sourcenext please we need fullscreen 4k or whatever the computer make

    thank you

    1. Real fullscreen is error prone on DX7 and modern Windows, same for resolutions that go beyond 1440p (they just show a black screen). In other words, not gonna bother with these options because they make the game unstable or flat out not working.

  39. many computer have a different resolution depend on their own monitor
    some monitor 2560X1440 ,3840X2160 (4k), 8k or whatever
    and that’s why fullscreen at any resolution will make the game hd and very good quality to play
    since Capcom didn’t release the original resident evil on steam we need the great picture quality of the best franchise resident evil 2 and 3 sourcenext and English as you do with that good patch
    and also to make fmv good frames because when I try it I feel the frames for the the video is less than the original
    sorry for that long story but really I wish to see fullscreen disktop resolution for biohazard 2 and 3 sourcenext at any chance

    thank you so much

  40. Great work on the patch! Having a weird issue with frame-rate though. Seems to run liquid-smooth windowed, but when it hits fullscreen the framerate suddenly seems to get halved.

    It worked fine for a bit in full-screen before, but now it goes all choppy whenever I go fullscreen. Any suggestions?


    1. The issues seems to have fixed itself! I’d still like to know what caused it, for future reference, but all seems good for now.

  41. I was wondering if it would be possible to add scalable room backgrounds/camera scene files similar to the Peixoto mod. I am prepared to rework all of RE2’s backgrounds and masks with deep learning tools if you add this functionality. An option for the game to scale to desktop resolution and run borderless on starting up would be awesome too.
    The PSNR deep learning model seems to be giving me the best results:

    A quick note: In your mod sdk documentation you mentioned that the format for bg files is common\bg\ROOM_xyy_zz.png and that x is the STAGE starting at 0. Seems like you have changed this since you last wrote the wiki as now x starts at 1, so the first scene background in stage 1 is ROOM_100_00.png and not ROOM_000_00.png

  42. Not working when the .dll is in the folder my mouse just goes “working” for a few second then nothing happens,if i remove the .dll game works fine…

  43. Gemini. Thanks for update this. I love this addon.
    I see in others videos, a full italian translation of the game make by yourself. You can upload this file? I wish love RE2SN in Italian πŸ™‚

    Thanks you and regards.

  44. I’m trying to replace the characters inventory pictures but when I edit st1_jp.tim nothing changes when I Launch bio2 1.10, I lauched it with bio2 it loads but the patch doesn’t .

    1. That’s because the DLL overrides that file when English is active, along with a few more. Instead use Mod-sdk, don’t overwrite game data, and create a mod folder to make that file read instead of what the DLL has.

  45. Hi, I installed the game but the 1.1.0 patch does not start and the original bio2.exe is an “incompatible version” and the patches are not applied.

          1. I don’t know why this is happening. I extracted the 1.1.0 patch on the folder where the bio2.exe is but it doesn’t launch. No compatibility modes are active. Do I have to do anything else after extracting the patch?

          2. Nothing else to do once you have the 1.1.0 exe and the DLL other than running that exe instead of the default one.

          3. It works now! I had to reinstall the game and download the patch, the DLL and the HQ music & sound mod again.

  46. Hey, thanks for making this game run perfectly on modern machines! I played on version using saves from the Peixoto patch, and that version recognized those saves ok. But with the latest version, whenever I enter the save / load screen, the game crashes. Removing those saves from the folder fixes the issue, though I’m not sure if it would crash with “normal” saves as well. But it’s nothing major for me really, since I could blast through both scenarios with no saves and get the special weapons XD.

    Another thing, I’m currently using a CRT monitor as my main monitor, and this thing allows for retro games to run perfectly at their native resolutions, including the PC versions of RE2 , even before you added the “RetroMode” option XD. I set it to 320×240@120Hz (for 31KHz compatibility) and it runs amazingly well. But I also wanted to try “super resolutions” with this, mainly 1280×240. But it just creates a skinny image in the middle of the screen, and no amount of F8 presses will stretch it. Super resolutions are mostly useful for making games with uneven horizontal scaling less prone to “pixel crawl” (I guess that’s what it’s called), but it’s also nice for having an “HD 240p” resolution for 3D games, which is amazing on PSX or N64 emulators. This mainly creates a real scanline effect over high resolution renderings, without the cons of filters (like lag, or that they’re “not real” XD), and the fact that the 2D backgrounds won’t look any better at higher resolutions, having at least their vertical scaling at “native” will make them look very clean, which CRT scanlines tends to do naturally. Here’re a few examples with the emulated versions of RE2, although the phone I used to take the pictures didn’t give those colors justice:

    PCSXR-PGXP (PSX, Dualshock Edition, 1280×240):

    Project64 + GlideN64 (N64, 1280×240):

    I’ve started playing the Nintendo 64 version for the first time just recently, since that plugin managed to fix almost every issue that this game had while emulating it. The character models are rather different from what I’m accustomed, though.

    And how it looks on PC:

    It’s definitely the crispier of them all. I’m almost sure that a stretching option would do the trick. Thanks again!

    1. Save issues could be caused by their weird ass names still using SJIS. Not sure if the game has enough information to make those filenames read and display correctly in the screen, so that’s probably why they crash it. Usually a good solution there would be to manually rename those old saves or just start with a fresh set.
      As for the resolution issues on CRT, I suspect it might be caused by how the fullscreen mode doesn’t stretch to the whole visible area of the window (I used a trick to achieve that). Could probably be fixed if you use a resolution on your out monitor that keeps pixels in a square aspect ratio, but other than that I’m just speculating on what the cause could be. I don’t have the equipment to out on a TV, so I can’t test and debug myself.

      1. Well, I started a fresh game with Leon A, and “blasted through” it, getting an S rank in 1h59min with no ingame saves, and it saved ok at the end for me to start Claire B, so no issues there XD. But I have to say I really appreciate auto aim on arrange mode, made my life easier on the final boss, so thanks for that!

        As for the CRT, it’s a “common” CRT PC monitor, with a VGA cable, and it displays common desktop resolutions. I am already able to set a square pixel 4:3 resolution, like the “320×240@120Hz” I mentioned, which was useful since before the “RetroMode” option from your DLL, as it successfully renders Resident Evil 2 at that resolution (by first setting the desktop to it, and then launching the game), and it even scales the FMVs to fit the screen! But it still is a “low resolution”, which will give the 3D models the look that’s expected… A “super resolution” definitely makes them better, while preserving the true to life scanline look, like seen on the emulator pics.

        So, like I said, maybe a stretching option would help. Since it already uses the “trick” you mentioned to not stretch to the whole window on 16:9 / 16:10 / 21:9 aspect ratios, an option to disable it would probably fill the 1280×240 resolution’s weird aspect ratio, making it fullscreen on this 4:3 monitor (not assuming it would be easy to do that, though XD). So basically, it would be an “anamorphic mode”.

  47. I want to remaster the interface of the game in higher definition; inventory, character avatar, item pictures, the letters…
    How can i use mod-sdk to make it?

  48. Hi guys,

    I want to try this version out with my freshly installed PC version on Windows 7, but I have an odd issue.

    I can’t for the life of me find “bio2.exe”. I started the game regularly every time directly from the mounted CD, so I did not need it to run the game itself.

    I searched in the Program Filex (x86) folder, as well as the entirety of the Users folder, but no luck. What do I do now? Where is it typically located inside the Users folder?

    Of course I serached with Total Commander’s search feature, so I doubt the installer even created it on my hard drive. I of course did a full install, so this is especially perplexing….

    Do you guys maybe have a solution?

    1. You don’t need the original bio2.exe, just download the official 1.1.0 version from the main page and use that instead.

  49. Is there somewhere I can find a button mapping/layout/list for the controls (using 360 controller)? Both Leon and Claire start out with zombies all over them, and I don’t really have a chance to figure out the controls properly before dying. Every time. Asked on Twitter as well, but figured asking here might be faster/better. Who knows. Tried googling for this and didn’t find anything.

    1. Nevermind, I’m an idiot. For some reason I thought since this was a hacked DLL, the ingame key config thing would be broken (like with other modern xinput hacks for other games). Nope. My bad.

      1. The XInput feature works like a charm on RE2. Once you have one controller configured, all XInput devices will use the same exact button layout, even if it’s a faked one like DS4Windows.

  50. Hey, I just installed this and it works great, however I noticed something, dunno if this is on the original game or a bug. I started a normal game with Leon and auto aim was working, then I tried a normal game as Claire but autoaim didn’t work unless I forced it from the config. Is this expected behavior?

        1. It seems to be an issue with censorship disable. I’ll fix that in 1.0.7 if I can figure out exactly what is misworking, thanks for the report.

          1. Code rewritten and issues sorted out, along with a few more accidental hiccups. Should be fine now.

    1. If it’s not appearing in the game’s folder here’s a quick solution. Open up your C:\Users\[name] folder and search for config.ini. When you find it, cut and paste said file to where the game exe and DLL are located. It should ensure that only the local copy gets updated since it’s already there and should have privileges figured out for your current user settings.

  51. Hey, first off, great work, running great on my system.

    Just to clarifiy, which is the original game mode like in the english and european releases? Do I have to choose arrange mode or original mode for that? Since this is based on the japanese version, I am confused XD

  52. Hi Gemini!

    Would it be possible to add a manual reload option, like what Capcom added for the HD re-release of RE Remake and Zero? I mean the function where if you press the cancel button while aiming, your character reloads. It sounds like such a small thing but it adds a lot to the immersion I think. Would it be possible to add it like you added the quick turn?

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