Resident Evil Classic REbirth

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  1. You will need either the Japanese version 1.01 (MediaKite reprint) or the European version 1.00c for this to work (the European exe is compatible with USA and ASIA versions; if you have difficulties finding this patch, you can download it from here). If you have an unsupported or unknown version of the game, you will get a message prompt to inform you that no patching has been applied and the game will boot as usual.
  2. Drop DLL and INI files from the package in the same folder where the game executable is.
  3. Just boot the game as usual and you're done, congratulations!


If you are having difficulties to run the original installer from the game, here's a better alternative procedure that will always work:

  1. Open your CD-ROM of Biohazard / Resident Evil or mount a corresponding ISO with a virtual drive (CloneCD, Deamon Tools, and native Win10 virtual drive all work fine for this).
  2. Create somewhere on your hard drive a folder that will contain the game's data an executable.
  3. Go back to your CD-ROM, enter folder "horr" and copy either "USA" or "JPN" to the folder you have created in step 2.
  4. If you are performing this for Biohazard MediaKite reprints, also copy to your hard driver folder the file "BioHazard.exe", otherwise copy the official European update executable "NEWEUR.EXE".
  5. Copy ddraw.dll and conf.ini in the same folder where your game executable is located.
  6. Boot the game, you're done.

41 opinions on “Resident Evil Classic REbirth”

  1. The game runs fine until after the opening cutscene. Right when Jill is going to speak the game crashes saying it cannot find the voice file.

    1. You probably need a full install of the game to fix that. Simply drop the whole USA folder inside cd:\horr\ next to NEWEUR.EXE and you’re good to go.

      1. Thanks that worked. Is there some way to get the game to run in full-screen? I changed full-screen to 1 in the config file but it didn’t work.

        1. That option will be available again when I add support for hardware mode, since software mode tends to glitch quite a lot when it goes fullscreen (i.e. it breaks some textures).


      I did some digging around the web and found the FMV’s from the English PowerVR demo to be more than adequate, and exactly what I was looking for.

      1. The next release will have support for mp4 with h264 for video and aac for audio – that means you can have any resolution and filtered output, not to mention you can encode 640×480 @30 fps for all videos in less than 80 MB. I’m currently having this version of the DLL tested, shouldn’t take very long to release. Have your ffmpeg ready for some encoding fun!

        PS: not sure what the PowerVR demo has for video, the final release has the same Cinepak+PCM crap as any other release.

        1. PowerVR is Cinepak like other versions and at 10fps.

          Only ones I could find that were uncut, had no subtitles, and have the original western music on the intro.

          I hate the ‘I’ve got a shotgun’ replacement in other uncut versions of the intro. It’s the only reason I don’t use the Ultimate Director’s Cut mod for PS1. Would love to have a patch for the original non DualShock DC that only adds the uncut FMV’s and not the fan mode and costumes.

          1. Ok, not a big deal then, I was able to mix the “perfect” intro myself:

            The thing with PC releases is the ugly framerate and horrible compression, which makes PlayStation movies way better for an improved conversion. It’s possible to remake the whole PC movie library by mixing and matching pieces of the various releases.

  2. Found your movie pack on the discord and they’re fantastic.

    I didn’t think I would notice much of an improvement, but I was wrong.

    Great work Gemini.

      1. Which discord server are you talking about? I checked the blog and even the patreon but I found nothing about it.

          1. Could I also get an invite, please? I left a message here months ago about helping with Gun Survivor’s translation but no one really got in touch with me.

  3. If I choose a graphics card (eg 3D Blaster) although it is limited to 640×480, it looks much better compared to running the software version at 1024×768. Is that how it should be, or am I doing something wrong (shouldn’t the higher res look better?). I’m running this using Win10 btw.

  4. Hey can you guys help? Which folder do i unpack it? Because when i install the game it doesnt have any executables thus having me run it from the cd rom i have the japanese version of it when i look in program foles biohazard there are subfolders inna folder called jpn… The data folder has no executablesim running windows 10 can anyone help?

    1. The regular installer doesn’t create any EXE, but you don’t even need what’s on the CD for that. You download the official 1.00c version (link under HOW TO USE) and place that next to JPN or USA folder in your install path.

  5. I can’t seem to get a resolution higher than 320×240. When cycling with F7 and F8 it is just resizing the window but keeping the resolution. I’ve going into the ‘Launch’ .exe to change the card to video, system, 3d blaster but I’m not able to see any different (or if it is even being picked up by the installation). Would any body have any ideas?

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