Resident Evil Classic REbirth DLL

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  • Create Date July 4, 2018
  • Last Updated July 10, 2020

Resident Evil Classic REbirth DLL


This patch is intended as a stand alone download and is not meant to be included in any derivative work containing copyrighted files from Biohazard/Resident Evil games. Apple of Eden does not support piracy and does not allow the patch to be redistributed along with illegal works.


222 opinions on “Resident Evil Classic REbirth DLL”

    1. But.. How to apply it? Where’s that tutorial? Who’s in command there? Where’s the air support? GODDAMNIT! Help

  1. The game runs fine until after the opening cutscene. Right when Jill is going to speak the game crashes saying it cannot find the voice file.

    1. You probably need a full install of the game to fix that. Simply drop the whole USA folder inside cd:\horr\ next to NEWEUR.EXE and you’re good to go.

      1. Thanks that worked. Is there some way to get the game to run in full-screen? I changed full-screen to 1 in the config file but it didn’t work.

        1. That option will be available again when I add support for hardware mode, since software mode tends to glitch quite a lot when it goes fullscreen (i.e. it breaks some textures).

          1. hey gemini, have you been able to change this so that the game can be run in fullscreen mode?

          2. Thank you very much to all the people who have managed to operate the re 1 of pc and the re 2 aora is also missing the re3. As they were old, they didn’t work well on modern aora PCs and I’ve been waiting since very many years that they will work well. I’m very happy to be able to play well on Aora PCs because the game didn’t work very fast before and conjela in the dining room with jill. but now everything does not work well, congratulations to those who worked to make it work well thanks from the heart. I was already lost