Resident Evil: Real Survivor mod

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Resident Evil: Real Survivor mod


It mimics how Real Survival mode works in the GameCube REmake: item boxes are not connected, so it's up to the player to carry around vital items throughout the game.


Drop the 7z archive where the game exe and Classic REbirth DLL are (you don't need to extract this). Boot the game and from the mod dialog select "Resident Evil: Real Survivor". NOTE: You must be using at least version 1.1.1 of Classic REbirth to make this work.

5 opinions on “Resident Evil: Real Survivor mod”

  1. Would it be possible to add 2 handgun magazines to one of the first item boxes? They’re normally there at the beginning of the game when you first open any box but this mod appears to remove them completely.

    1. Totally forgot about that one. It is possible, but where to add those since there’s no “initial” item box? Tho I guess I could increase the difficulty a bit by splitting them across the two save rooms in the mansion.

      1. Yeah I would say splitting them across those two rooms is the best way to go since the first one you encounter can largely depend on which character you’re playing as.

  2. What about a mod with Real Survivor features for RE 2 ? 🙂 Item boxes not linked and also the posibility to drop any item (irreversibly)?

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