Resident Evil 2 Classic REbirth



Classic REbirth is the label given to my PC patches for Resident Evil / Biohazard, currently supporting the first two games.


This patch DLL has three purposes: the main one is to translate Biohazard 2 SourceNext into English, then you get fixes for modern Windows (like xinput support or Win10 lag removal), the final feature is to provide extended mod support with custom code and data that doesn’t interfere with the game’s original files or executable (i.e. a mod and the original game can coexist just fine). On the matter of mod support, if a mod archive is detected the game will show a dialog window before boot, providing a prompt of which version to play, otherwise it goes straight to the vanilla game.


  1. Extract the DLL in the same folder where your bio2.exe is located.
  2. Make sure you are using version 1.1.0 of the game and no compatibility modes are active (those are bad and will break the game).
  3. Boot the game as usual and, if you have the correct executable, you’re done! If you try using an unsupported executable you will get a message that tells you it’s not supported and nothing will be patched.


Download a mod 7z and drop it in the same folder as the game. You won’t need to extract anything, just save the 7z archive where the game exe and DLL are stored.


  1. Download dgVoodoo 2.
  2. Run dgVoodoo 2 and add the game, leave default settings.
  3. In dgVoodoo 2’s folder, go to the MS folder, rename DDraw.dll to re2_ddraw.dll, then copy it and D3DImm.dll to the game’s folder.
  4. Download Reshade, select the game, and then click on the Direct3D 10+ option.
  5. Run the game as usual and start playing around with Reshade’s shaders.


  • A full English translation (movies will still retain Japanese game title and subtitles).
  • Adds XInput support, which replaces the old WinMM legacy module. Shoulder triggers and directional pad will be recognized correctly.
  • Adds support for resolutions beyond 640×480 and also adds borderless fullscreen mode if you desktop resolution is below or equal to 2560×1440. Press F8 to cycle through them.
  • Fixes all lag issues found on Windows 10 due to broken DirectDraw emulation.
  • Fixes issues with music being mute when it’s supposed to play (i.e. RPD outdoor areas and Marvin’s office).
  • Adds support for extended modding via archives and DLLs that can be used to change game behavior.


This file is usually created next to the game’s exe and the Classic REbirth DLL. It’s a regular text file and contains the following attributes (do not edit what you don’t see in this list):

  • [GAME]
    • DirectSoundEnable: 0 to disables all sound, 1 leaves it on.
    • InstallKey: DRM serial key, you need a valid one if this value is empty upon config creation.
    • MovieEnable: 0 disables all movie playback, 1 leaves it enabled.
    • SoundChannels: 1 mono, 2 stereo.
    • SoundDepth: sound bit frequency, 16 by default.
      SoundFrequency: sound hertz frequency, 11025, 22050, and 44100 are supported.
    • SuperHardSwitch: set to 1 to enable HARD MODE.
  • [DLL]
    • DinputEnable: 0 makes the game support XInput devices and changes the button icons in the options screen to reflect XBox buttons, 1 makes it use DirectInput which is a more compatible protocol for any controller that isn’t XInput (like Dualshock 4).
    • JapaneseEnable: 0 translates the game into English, 1 leaves it in Japanese.
    • QuickturnEnable: 0 disables the quick turn button combination (down+cancel), 1 enables it.
    • FocusIgnore: 0 makes the game pause as soon as it loses focus, 1 makes it continue even when the window isn’t focused. This option will not prevent audio from being mute while focus is lost, tho solutions like IndirectSound fix this situation.
    • ColorMode: “legacy” leaves the original RGB555 to RGB888 conversion with red tints, “psx” uses straight color schemes like on PlayStation (RGB 0-248), “full” gives access to complete RGB 0-255 ranges. Note: this doesn’t affect all textures.
    • LowResEnable: 1 enables 240p mode when switching around resolutions, otherwise 480p is the lowest resolution.
    • AutoAimEnable: 0 leaves the original settings, 1 forces auto aim for every mode.
    • CensorshipDisable: 0 leaves the original settings, 1 forces censorship in death scenes to be disabled for every mode.


  • Some rooms have panning issues with music. This will probably be fixed in a later release.



Visit the following link to ask a question about Classic REbirth 2.