Resident Evil Classic REbirth



Classic REbirth is a set of patches for CAPCOM’s Survival Horror PC ports, currently supporting Resident Evil 1-2 and the first Dino Crisis. This patch is specifically aimed at the Japanese release by MediaKite, the latest build available for the PC port. It wont’t work with any of the US or European releases of the game.


  • Removes the need for Win95/98 compatibility mode to even boot, making the game compatible with Win7 and later. This collaterally fixes CPU0 100% spikes.
  • Fixes frame rate for good. You will get 30 fps in most 3D sections while 60 fps in the rest, like it’s intended to.
  • Effectively makes the game installation-portable (i.e. no need to install it) due to the removal of Registry operations (replaced with an INI configuration file).
  • Removes legacy joypad support and replaces it with XInput, DirectInput, and RawInput. This means that you can use an XBox 360/ONE pad and take advantage of all common buttons, including shoulder triggers, or literally any other controller with DirectInput or Dualshock 3/4 with Raw Input.
  • Allows to boot the game without the need for a physical CD-ROM drive.
  • Allows the game to load videos from the installed directory, instead of always checking for data on CD-ROM.
  • Adds new windowed resolutions. New resolutions are 320×240 and multiples and borderless window mode when hitting desktop resolution. You can cycle through them in game by pressing F8.
  • Fixes in-game timer when entering the Status screen.
  • Replaces the Windows MultiMedia video player (winmm.dll, module MCI) with a new one based on ffmpeg and fanplayer. This introduces a number of improvements, like filtered output, better internal control of what happens during playback, and the ability to play high quality mp4 files natively (supported codecs: h264 for video and AAC for audio).


  • An entirely redone option screen to allow for PC specific tweaks, like resolution change. The current one that only allows to remap keyboard and joypad buttons is too limited and kind of useless.
  • Add texture upscaling with something similar to waifu2x or xbrz.



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