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AvatarDoze_D asked 6 months ago

Hey Gemini! I’ve been hanging on at the RE SHDP Discord and discussing about the first game, and it’s music too. There is high quality music available for the game on Bandcamp, this guy had used PS1 soundfonts to dig out the original songs in highest possitble quality and somewhat correct reverb.


But I’m not sure that can we use that, since he’s asking money out of it (even thou he basically shouldn’t). But if possible, that could be used to replace the original tracks with higher quality ones, as the PC version only uses standard WAV with the sound format.

I’m also myself working on re-recording those songs since I figured out how to extract sequence data from PS1’s PSF-files, converting those into MIDI to be used on music softwares. Been doing couple of those already, but there’s some issues I need to figure out with some songs first.
Once that’s done, that’ll be another optional package for the game if someone would be interested.

And about the videos, I have all of the game’s FMV/CGI scenes upscaled with AI machine, they’re not 100% perfect, but work in the game straight away after I did edits and re-encoded them to more compact and suitable format, without losing quality. But I guess that these are also optional for people, thou the ”high quality pack” available over here right now for those is very shoddy imo, nowhere near the AI upscaled stuff.

AvatarGemini Staff replied 6 months ago

To be honest, most AI upscales look like oil paintings, hence why I didn’t bother at all with that method for my movie pack.

As for that OST, it doesn’t provide 100% clean tunes (the trap ceiling tune even has the mechanism noise) or improved samples. It’s literally a FLAC rip with re-encoded PSF stuff.

AvatarKamil replied 6 months ago

I recently used ALOV for Mass Effect 1, upscale videos to Arkham Asylum and Blood FMV Upscale Pack for Blood: FS. And all of them looks awesome. My point is, if they are done right they can look really great and faithful to original. And i prefer more some oil paintings vibe then disconnects provided by high resolution models walking around 240p backgrounds and low res videos between high res gameplay segments. And this probably i only briefly test Classic REbirth and go back to emulation where upscaled texture pack are available even if there are lack advantage of PC version.

AvatarDoze_D replied 6 months ago

Trouble with those AI upscales is that they require specific algorithm in order to work correctly. I know that the ones done so fare do tend ot have that oil painting feeling to them, and it seems to happens if you try to scale them up too high on the first encode. Did some tests yesterday with different settings and lower upscale ratio, and the results were much better, thou it still had some of that oil painting style on it in some areas. What we obviosly would wanna have is consistent quality in all of the game, not just in the graphical side.

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AvatarCrash answered 6 months ago

Guys, I am Crash-Headroom the creator of this…and yes you can use it for free. I uploaded it for free and the only reason there is a paid bit is due to running out of credits XD But i’d be honored for you to use them.

AvatarCrash replied 6 months ago

Infact just to be clear, I’ve told gemini he can use them before, that offer still stands. All i asked for is credit for all the mixing I did.

AvatarDoze_D replied 6 months ago

Okay, good to know! :thumbsup:

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