RE1 randomly crashes with "Unspecified Error"

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AvatarGaiaRevane asked 12 months ago

Hello there.
I’m using the 1.01 MediaKite version of BIO1 with the latest Classic REbirth DLL. The game appears to function normally, but will crash at random points in the game, displaying the message “An unspecified error occured.”
So far, this has happened on 5 different occasions:

  • When loading a background in the corridor outside Yawn’s room (ie. the room will load, but when the camera angle changed the game crashed).
  • Same as above but in the armor puzzle room.
  • When switching pages in a file (Researcher’s Will)
  • When exiting the inventory after equipping a weapon.
  • When attempting to load the hunter FMV upon returning from the guardhouse.

I’m on Windows 10 and I’m using dgVoodoo with the game.

AvatarGemini Staff replied 12 months ago

I’m aware of those crashes, tho I’m not entirely sure how they are even triggered exactly. Might use some of your reports to try and reproduce it with precision under the debugger.

AvatarTheDrifter363 replied 2 months ago

Hey just wanted to reply saying I just got the same error. Latest mediakite exe and dll as of 05/25/20. Windows 10 and using dgvoodoo; was trying to do a no save run and it crashed when entering Yawn’s room for the first time. When I played the game without dgvoodoo I had no crashes, but then again, I only played in short bursts and saved multiple times.

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