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AvatarIsles487 asked 9 months ago

Hey there,
First off, I became a patron and I’d urge everyone else reading this to do so. You are doing great work on bringing back RE1 in addition to what you’ve done with RE2.
I wanted to ask about the config file. Is there any documentation anywhere that states what all the options do, the possible values, and which are currently active/inactive? I’ve picked up bits and pieces from reading the changelog, but I’m still unaware of everything. I’d like to know if there is also documentation for the keyboard controls.
For example, I haven’t seen a difference when using the “fullscreen” parameter – instead I’ve used the function key (F8 I believe) to make the game bigger which eventually will fit to full screen. I play on a secondary monitor that’s a CRT – which I’ve set to 240p – so I’ve set X_size to 320 and Y_size to 240, fullscreen is set to 0, (setting it to 1 didn’t seem to do anything?), enabled lowresenable, set the 240p screen as the secondary monitor, and launched the game. Is this the correct way to go about it? Additionally, would texturefilter be useful?
There are other parameters like display_driver and display_mode, which I’m not sure what to do with.
I see the “inputmode” option as well, and I don’t know what that does.
Sorry for the list of questions, but I really appreciate it!
Thanks, -Isles

AvatarGemini Staff replied 9 months ago

Don’t bother too much with the options inside config.ini, some are recalculated at runtime. The best way to see what could be changed is to run the game with the -config option from a command line and from there you can alter resolution in a transparent manner. If you have doubts about what some options do, just put the cursor over them and wait until a tooltip appears: that will give you a description of what the option does.

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