Vibration on Xinput

AvatarAlex CLA01 asked 4 months ago

Hi, thank you for all the work, is a fantastic patch, and yet I’m here asking for more, I would like to have a vibration option, just like the PSOne version, and I see there is an option on the config menu but is not available, there is any plans to make it available??
the other 2 things is the “advance” mode from the director’s cut version and 30fps videos, because even the high quality mod videos are just 15fps.
other than that thank you once again, what a fantastic patch this is!

AvatarGemini Staff replied 4 months ago

Videos always display in 30 fps, even if they have a lower or higher frame rate. Vanilla PC videos use 10 fps, my package uses 30 fps. As for Advance mode it will be implemented maybe at a later time as a mod.