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AvatarAlastorAlex asked 1 year ago

It is posible to add in a future update Vibration features from lets say the gamecube port / Directors cut edition of the game? and also, i recently played Resident evil 2 on the PSP with fullscreen option (that would be a Zoom 16:9 Aspect ratio) and I was suprised that u actually dont lose pretty much anything important (besides subtitles and some weapon description / menu options) Totally duable.

AvatarGemini Staff replied 1 year ago

Tracking all those enemy vibration slices of code isn’t an easy task, that’s why it’s still pretty limited for now. As for the 16:9 aspect, I rather not release something that cuts any visible area, it just looks nasty, especially when there’s stuff that you’re supposed to see in a corner of the screen.

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