What about translating the game to other languages??

ForumsCategory: Resident Evil 2 Classic REbirthWhat about translating the game to other languages??
AvatarCiTRU5 asked 8 months ago

Hi, first of all, I wanna thank you for your great job!!! Now … has a translation to other languages idea came to your mind? I mean, I’m pretty sure that there are a lot of people willing to play this game in their native language; in my case, I could help you with the spanish translation of it but surely other people from other countries would join into helping you releasing a .dll file for each language. If you think this is a good idea, don\’t doubt into contacting me and I’ll gladly help you!!!

AvatarGemini Staff replied 8 months ago

There’s no need for a specific dll for each language, it is already possible to translate most of the game via xml. I’m having a user on discord do specifically that for German so that he requests what is still missing to have a 100% translation.