RE1 Classic REbirth change log

Upcoming in version 1.1.3

  • [Improvement] DirectSound abstraction layer completely rewritten in XAudio2, providing the following changes: spatial/panning sound, internal mono to stereo sample conversion, smoother BGM decrescendo, arbitrary BGM loop points (fixes Yawn’s theme abrupt restart), sound output closer to the PlayStation version.
  • [Misc] Native OGG support. This means WAV audio in the original game can be replaced by having OGG counterparts outside of just mods.
  • [Misc] Altered the way sound files are loaded to provide virtually infinite sample length. It was only 30 MB of uncompressed PCM waveforms before (roughly 3 minutes of audio).
  • [Misc] Added start and length attributes to bgm xml for Mod-sdk to provide loop points. Works in samples.
  • [Bugfix] Made mod selection dialog fully support UTF8 descriptions. It was using UTF16 with only ASCII characters supported.
  • [Bugfix] Fixed alignment of FILE names in the status screen to be centered.

Version 1.1.2 (6 September 2019)

  • [Improvement] Added a “default” button to the configuration dialog that restores settings akin to what the game would look like in its unaltered state (per Carnivol’s request on Patreon).
  • [Improvement] When using the configuration dialog, config.ini is written to disk as soon as the OK button is pressed, instead of just saving when the game closes. This should prevent any loss of configuration settings if the game doesn’t close normally.
  • [Improvement] Files created with the old version of the typewriter screen will get moved to the savedata folder only if the vanilla game is booted. Mods cannot move files automatically in order to avoid incompatible data to be relocated by accident.
  • [Misc] Added Mod-sdk weapon damage tables via wp_damage_tbl.xml.
  • [Misc] Added Mod-sdk room sound tables via tables\bgm_xx.xml, tables\core_xx.xml, tables\door_xx.tbl, tables\player_xx.xml, tables\room_xyy.xml.
  • [Misc] Added Mod-sdk music tables for rooms  via bgm_tbl.xml.
  • [Misc] Added Mod-sdk manifest attributes: Japanese, Version, Quickturn.
  • [Misc] Added “secret” buttons to toggle debug mode without manul edits to config.ini: in the configuration dialog press F1 to enable or F2 to disable; a message will inform you about the change.
  • [Bugfix] FILEs show again in Japanese when English mode is disabled.
  • [Bugfix] Item initializer code fixed and removed the new Monitor module. These caused one of the MO Disk readers to spit out no pass code unless you wasted a second disk or loaded a fixed save file.
  • [Bugfix] Title screen correctly detecting save data when there’s only one file (would select NEW GAME instead of LOAD GAME otherwise).
  • [Bugfix] Improved code that tries to create, save, and read config.ini from the same folder where the executable is located.
  • [Bugfix] SideWinder configuration screen removed in Japanese mode (the hook was incorrectly left in the wrong branch).
  • [Bugfix] Gold Edition works fine in Japanese mode.

Version 1.1.1 (2 September 2019)

  • [Improvement] Added a brand new typewriter screen in the style of Resident Evil 2 for PC. This enables a lot more save files to be created and some customization for mods as well.
  • [Improvement] Save files moved to a separate sub-folder (“savedata” by default). Old save files, if detected, will be moved there automatically to ensure compatibility.
  • [Improvement] Replaced the scheduler “Monitor” module with a brand new. The old one was polluted with Win95 specific code and weird coding methods.
  • [Improvement] Added a config.ini option to enable quick turn.
  • [Misc] Minor improvements to room text.
  • [Misc] Added xml to Mod-sdk that alter passwords in the laboratory and inventory items upon boot.
  • [Misc] Added custom DLL support to Mod-sdk.
  • [Misc] Added a debug menu in the same style as Resident Evil 2 Classic REbirth.
  • [Misc] Compiled with Visual Studio 2019 instead of Visual Studio 2017.
  • [Bugfix] Text for Chris in room 514 is no more in garbled Japanese.
  • [Bugfix] Fixed a slight mistake in parsing command line to boot the game from console prompt (previously working only with shortcuts).
  • [Bugfix] Texture filtering saves correctly to config.ini.

Version 1.1.0 (16 July 2019)

  • [Improvement] Frame rate limiter code rewritten from scratch. No more visual bursts, inconsistent fps, or funny footstep sound glitches across camera changes.
  • [Improvement] Changed supported resolutions, making the game work identically to RE2 Classic REbirth (borderless fullscreen included).
  • [Improvement] Textures forced to always use 32 bits (XRGB8888 / ARGB8888) instead of 16 bits (RGB565 / ARGB1555)  or lower.
  • [Improvement] Added support for OGG audio and larger sound files can be finally used for high quality audio mods.
  • [Improvement] Added optional support for Retro Mode (i.e. 320×240 rendering scaled to window size).
  • [Improvement] Replaced screenshot function. Now it produces PNG images and can capture movie frames as well.
  • [Improvement] WinMain and message loop rewritten from scratch for better control over error messages and various stability fixes.
  • [Improvement] Config.ini code ported from Classic REbirth 2 and made generally better to maintain. Having a pre-made config.ini/conf.ini is no more necessary to boot the game (registry settings are converted to the new format or a default config.ini will be created).
  • [Improvement] English FILEs show a background image, like when the game runs in Japanese.
  • [Improvement] Keyboard and controller bindings are now global, not tied to save date. Once you remap keys and buttons, you won’t have to worry about them reverting back to whatever when you load a game.
  • [Improvement] Dropped support for masks coming from OSPxxxxx.pak files and replaced it with TIM images coming directly from room data. The latter masks are better quality and blend correctly with backgrounds.
  • [Bugfix] Fixed DirectX initialization failure with AMD graphics cards.
  • [Misc] Dropped NEWEUR support. The new DLL works exclusively with the Mediakite release as it’s the most updated and provides some important hotfixes. While Mediakite is a Japanese print of the game, the DLL shoehorns into it the official translation with a few consistency updates and fixes.
  • [Misc] Disabled Software Mode and dropped DXGL. Game will default exclusively to native Hardware Mode or can be wrapped with dgVoodoo if one wants to use it in conjunction with Reshade.
  • [Misc] Basic Mod-sdk support for file and audio overrides.
  • [Misc] Disabled SideWinder configuration for good. It was useless and created conflicts with current input protocols.

Version 1.0.6 (21 July 2018)

  • [Improvement] Added failsafe checks for compatibility modes.
  • [Improvement] Fixed failure message if an mp4 video for one cutscene exists but there’s no avi corresponding to it (i.e. if you have an mp4 pack of videos to replace default ones, there’s no more any need to keep the old stuff around).

Version 1.0.5 (20 July 2018)

  • [Improvement] Added timer switch in configuration INI.
  • [Improvement] New video player based on ffmpeg and fanplayer.

Version 1.0.4 (15 July 2018)

  • [Improvement] Added support to the Japanese version 1.01 (MediaKite).
  • [Improvement] Japanese text prompted via MessageBox now displays correctly no matter what your locale settings are.

Version 1.0.3 (14 July 2018)

  • [Bugfix] Software mode was made completely stable both in terms of FPS and of crashes. No matter what resolution you use, it will perform exactly the same as in 320×240 mode.

Version 1.0.2 (10 July 2018)

  • [Cosmetic] Added new resolutions and screen filtering.
  • [Bugfix] In-game timer runs at the correct speed in Status menu.

Version 1.0.1 (8 July 2018)

  • [Improvement] No need to change values inside the INI to reflect your current installation path, it’s recreated automatically by the DLL.
  • [Improvement] Configuration code rewritten and made more versatile for future expansions.
  • [Improvement] Added version detection: when you boot the game with a non-patchable application you will get a message that informs you about what version you’re trying to boot or if it’s an unknown build. If by any change you find an unknown executable, please report that to me.

Version 1.0.0 (4 July 2018)

  • First release!