RE2 Classic REbirth change log

Version 1.0.3 (01 November 2018)

  • Added Mod-sdk support for development using external files rather than 7z.
  • Added Mod-sdk support for videos as external files.
  • Added Mod-sdk support for save screen messages.
  • Added Mod-sdk support for most ADT images to use PNG / PNP (PNG Packs) replacements. This also makes INI color scheme apply to these elements.
  • Fixed the appearance of the mod selector if an instance of the game is already running.
  • Replaced all file access to use direct Windows handles rather than C files.

Version 1.0.2 (30 September 2018)

  • FFMPEG replaces DirectShow movie playback. This will fix the last and biggest issue of the game on Windows 10, making full motion videos play with both video and audio, instead of just a black screen with sound.
  • Fixed borderless fullscreen to account for resolutions that require vertical centering.
  • Fixed ColorMode not applying to panning scenes (RPD overview and Ada introduction). Mod-sdk also has PNG support for those scenes, just create rc2000_.png and rc2168_.png in a mod archive to have them altered.
  • Fixed tension music sometimes incorrectly triggering in room 303.

Version 1.0.1 (22 September 2018)

  • PNG support for mod-sdk that allows external resources to override the contents of roomcut.bin.
  • New modes for background colors. Check the ini and see under DLL, ColorMode. The available options are: full, psx, legacy. “full” allows 0-255 RGB ranges, “psx” is 0-248 like on PlayStation, while “legacy” keeps colors the same as what DirectDraw did for RGB555 conversion (red purple hue for blacks and generally brighter tones).
  • Added a FocusIgnore setting to the configuration ini. Set it to 1 if you don’t want the game to pause when focus is lost. Sound will still be muted but the game will continue playing with controller input enabled.
  • When XInput is enabled, the configuration screen will use XBox One controller buttons instead of default numbered buttons. DirectInput mode will retain legacy button icons.

Version (12 September 2018)

  • Added POV support for DirectInput switch. Now controllers that have a directional pad and a directional stick will have both recognized as regular d-pad input.
  • Fixed exclusive framerate for speedrunner mod, now ticks at 28.97 fps like unpatched SourceNext version does.

Version (11 September 2018)

  • Added options to mod-sdk to override translation, quickturn, and in-game timer calculations.
  • Fixed a crash that would kill the game when creating new save data when playing in Japanese.
  • Fixed some weirdness with config.ini and mod detection when the game is launched via a link.

Version (10 September 2018)

  • Added support for config.ini, thus making the game fully portable (will automatically copy Registry data if an installation is detected, otherwise default data will be created). A valid license key will still be required if none was found from installation.
  • Added configuration options to enable Japanese (mods will ignore this setting), quick turn, and DirectInput support (this will override XInput, use it if your controller isn’t being detected).
  • Fixed mislabeled audio quality. “High” and “Low” were inverted.
  • Fixed missing graphics in prologues.
  • Translated missing system dialogs.
  • Added OGG sound support for mod-sdk.
  • Fixed a slight mistake in mod-sdk loader causing corruption in some random places.
  • Fixed music playing in alligator fight corridor.