RE2 Classic REbirth change log

Version 1.0.1 (22 September 2018)

  • PNG support for mod-sdk that allows external resources to override the contents of roomcut.bin.
  • New modes for background colors. Check the ini and see under DLL, ColorMode. The available options are: full, psx, legacy. “full” allows 0-255 RGB ranges, “psx” is 0-248 like on PlayStation, while “legacy” keeps colors the same as what DirectDraw did for RGB555 conversion (red purple hue for blacks and generally brighter tones).
  • Added a FocusIgnore setting to the configuration ini. Set it to 1 if you don’t want the game to pause when focus is lost. Sound will still be muted but the game will continue playing with controller input enabled.
  • When XInput is enabled, the configuration screen will use XBox One controller buttons instead of default numbered buttons. DirectInput mode will retain legacy button icons.

Version (12 September 2018)

  • Added POV support for DirectInput switch. Now controllers that have a directional pad and a directional stick will have both recognized as regular d-pad input.
  • Fixed exclusive framerate for speedrunner mod, now ticks at 28.97 fps like unpatched SourceNext version does.

Version (11 September 2018)

  • Added options to mod-sdk to override translation, quickturn, and in-game timer calculations.
  • Fixed a crash that would kill the game when creating new save data when playing in Japanese.
  • Fixed some weirdness with config.ini and mod detection when the game is launched via a link.

Version (10 September 2018)

  • Added support for config.ini, thus making the game fully portable (will automatically copy Registry data if an installation is detected, otherwise default data will be created). A valid license key will still be required if none was found from installation.
  • Added configuration options to enable Japanese (mods will ignore this setting), quick turn, and DirectInput support (this will override XInput, use it if your controller isn’t being detected).
  • Fixed mislabeled audio quality. “High” and “Low” were inverted.
  • Fixed missing graphics in prologues.
  • Translated missing system dialogs.
  • Added OGG sound support for mod-sdk.
  • Fixed a slight mistake in mod-sdk loader causing corruption in some random places.
  • Fixed music playing in alligator fight corridor.