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Welcome, stranger! We’re finally opening our own website, in order to make people more comfortable because this isn’t a social network and some of you would rather prefer an actual portal to check on the latest news.

This website will contain updates and project pages about Team IGAS and Loboto 3, all in one place and with a nice interface that helps keeping track of all news and updates. WordPress also allows to have organized comment sections and a private message system, just in case you’d ever need to contact us for contests or auditions. For those who still like to use Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube: fear not, they aren’t being axed. We will still publish updates in all of those, no matter the limitations.

If you missed the other news, we have a RE2 Prototype demo released. You can find links for download in the following video, in description, or in the game page about 1.5.

16 opinions on “We’re open for business”

  1. Hello. I saw you were looking for a translator to assist with the Behind the Mask project. I am a Japanese to English freelance translator that would very much like to see that project come to fruition. Please get in touch with me if you are interested in my services.

    1. Wow, that was quick. 😀 Unfortunately we’re still behind schedule with BTM, but I think I may have some material that you could work on, mainly dialog to be refurbished for the new voice acting.

      1. Feel free to contact me via the email listed with my comments. I own a Japanese copy of the original game which I can use as a reference.

        1. Will do, sir. I think I have a more or less full extracted script, but I got stuck somewhere with kanji recognition. I will provide you at some point with the xml script and an editor to browse through.

  2. Just going to add this that you should expect some original lulz from yours truly on this new years (if I don’t get lazy enough to finish it BTW lol) based on the subject. Here’s some respect from me, keep it up!

  3. Heya, says that your looking for English VO. I have a good quality mic and Adobe Production Premium(Adobe Audition). Feel free to bug me.

  4. Hey guys, been lurking in the shadows for a few years now and checking your FB page at least once a week for news updates ;). I am really excited about this project, just take all the time you need to wrap things up nicely!
    Not sure how well-staffed you are, but I am a professional translator situated in the Netherlands and a German/Dutch native who does a lot of software translation work for SAP and the likes. I also happen to be an enthousiastic long-time musician with an eclectic taste and own a small but professional-grade studio. Gimme a shout via email if you need any help with translations and/or audio-related work, OK?

  5. i wll be pleased to work as an italian adaptator/translator for the project, contact me if an italian adaptation of the project is in plans!

  6. Hello. I am a Japanese to English/Spanish freelance translator. I would like to help out in the localisation proccess if possible. Feel free to contact me!

  7. Can you guys send me the link to the download of what you guys have do on Resident Evil 1.5

  8. Can I have a download to download the version of Resident Evil/BIOHAZARD 1.5 you guys have image’s of on your YouTube Channel and Facebook Channel

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