Parallel work is always a good thing

Time for a new recap update. More info after the jump.

  • Mask code has been updated thanks to a side project I was working on. Now we have an optimized bit packer class to fit all sprites in the best possible manner.
  • RPD room projects are now being retooled and optimized for actual usage and fillage.
  • I’ve restarted working on support player AI. This should come in handy soon for cutscenes and for other general purposes, like John fighting along with Elza in the RPD boss battle (Marvin should have a similar segment somewhere).
  • Just like mentioned in the previous update, there has been parallel work on further stages of the game. Speaking of which, sewers are reaching completion as you can see in the pictures below.

MAIN.PSX_01022016_013916_0656 MAIN.PSX_01022016_014220_0654

MAIN.PSX_28012016_194008_0547 MAIN.PSX_27012016_170753_0303

8 opinions on “Parallel work is always a good thing”

  1. and make Russian language in the game and you are great so working on this part because it’s better than resident evil 2 .

  2. Hello. You can tell when you’re ready RE1.5? About? 🙂
    And is created Resident Evil Behind the Mask????

  3. hi guys i just wanted to say
    YOU´re the best ! for real
    i´ve been looking for resi 1.5 since i first heard that it exsists and you are actually finishing it
    i would be pleased if i can help you in any way

    Keep it going heroes

    1. Nice portfolio, it looks like I’m not the only one who has worked with popular Japanese idols. 😀

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