Resident Evil 1 PC, a fix to the classic version

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So, where to start? There’s a lot to say about this version of Resident Evil.

Released around 1997, this was yet another version of the game that received many prints: Japan, USA,  Asia (an almost carbon copy of USA), and various European countries (UK, Germany, and probably France too). Some of these received reprints, update patches, or even separate releases altogether like the legendary PowerVR edition. With each version you get different quirks and hardware supported. For example, the original USA version only explicitly supports accelerated cards (despite having two hidden software “debug” rendering engines), PowerVR would only work with a card of the same name, and Japan received the most updated patch (1.01, Europe being the second one with 1.00c) that consisted in… well, no idea to be honest what it does, but speedrunners love that one.

Now, this port of the game is ancient, like Win95 stuff, which means there will be little chance for it to run on modern Windows, unless whoever ported this programmed a miracle into it… aaaand unfortunately they didn’t. In most cases you can try and boot them game with Win95/98 compatibility mode, but that raises many issues and still leaves a ton more to be solved. For example, the game runs at insane speeds (despite having 100% CPU0 spikes), sometimes even causing cutscenes bugs leading to the game soft-hanging (i.e. it still works but characters are stuck doing nothing). Other issues are incompatibilities with hardware rendering support, tho in some cases you can fix that with a few DLLs (dgVoodoo seems to be the best at this, from my personal tests). And of course, no support for modern input devices, despite XInput controllers being partially compatible (no shoulder triggers or D-Pad support for XBox 360/One controllers tho).

Given all these issues, I decided to come up with my personal solution to all of this, by trying to program the One DLL to Rule them All. It is a replacement for DDRAW.DLL, which is Microsoft’s driver for DirectDraw, now a mere compatibility workaround that most of the times just doesn’t cut it. So, what does my DLL do exactly?

  • It lets you run the game without resorting to Win95/98 compatibility mode (i.e. it runs fine on Win7 and Win10 — still hasn’t been tested on Win8, but it should work there as well). This accidentally fixes the CPU0 100% usage spikes, too.
  • It fixes the framerate for good, even when cutscene audio is being reproduced. The game is intended to run at either 30 or 60 frames per second, depending on which section of the game is currently active (main game runs at 30, menus and door animations at 60), and this patch finally delivers that.
  • If the application forced the whole Desktop to go into 16 bit mode (i.e. disable Aero on Win7), it doesn’t anymore due to the integration of DXGL as a DirectDraw wrapper. This makes the game effectively run with OpenGL 2.0 used as a wrapper for all DirectDraw calls. Beware tho, if you’re using OBS to record footage of this you might have trouble. It also seems to have issues when you move the application window to a secondary monitor, effectively freezing the video in place.
  • XInput controllers become fully compatible. You can use the D-Pad or Left Stick to move around, and even shoulder triggers work as intended.
  • No more abuse of the Windows Register to store configuration data. It has all been moved to a nice INI file that can be manually edited, effectively making the game portable without having to install it.
  • Video files actually load from your installation drive, rather than from CD. I’m not sure if this was intended to be some sort of anti-copy measure so that you would have the game disk inserted at all times, but it doesn’t really matter since it’s fixed.

Now, with all these features you might be wondering what’s left to do. Well, there are a few things that I need to implement in order for this to be more or less an actual definitive fix to the game. Here’s what I’d like to have in future releases:

  • An entire replacement of the software renderer, which is currently the only one to work out of the box. I’m currently looking into locating an rewriting the necessary code, so this is probably just a matter of time.
  • Support for higher resolutions and a nice configuration dialog that opens up when you first boot the game with the DLL.
  • A real plug & play solution, since you still need to edit CONF.INI that comes with the DLL to reflect the current path where the game is being executed from.
  • Support for more if not most versions of the game. Currently it only support 1.00c European, also known as NEWEUR.EXE (shouldn’t be too hard to find, it’s usually labeled as an “x64 fix”).
  • Release the full source, tho this isn’t an actual feature and only programmers will be interested.

I guess that’s all for this update. You can find the fix download at the following page.

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  1. Hello.

    I tried to run Resident Evil with the fix, here’s how I did :

    – I installed the game from the original disk (french version).

    – I copied all the files on the root of the disk in the \ResidentEvil\ folder (as it’s seems a complete installation can’t be done), like I saw on a tutorial.

    – When I run “RESIDENTEVIL.EXE” (windows 95 compatibility), the game boots fine.

    – Then I copied the “NEWEUR.EXE” file, like required and the game doesn’t boot with this executable. “Could not open file :\horr\usa\data\item_all.pix”. So I said to myself, let’s just rename the “FRA” directory to “USA” and it might fix the problem. After that, the game boots but then it complain about a “capcom.avi” missing in the movie directory so I basically copied the whole content of the disk, to try to avoid such problems but it was still complaining about the same missing file, even if the file is on it, so I guess the game was still searching on the disk, but the disk have a FRA directory and it can’t be modified, as it’s a cd-rom (except by reburning a new version).

    – Luckily, using your patch fixed the problem (I suppose it make the game a non-cd version), from what I read in the readme (note: doing this trick have characters dialogs in french, but lines for items found and such are in english).

    By the way, is there a method to force fullscreen mode? The game starts in windowed mode, I tried all the Fx buttons but no luck. I tried to modify “FullScreen? = 0” to “FullScreen? = 1” in the conf.ini but when I launch the game, it’s still in windowed mode and if I check the conf.ini again, the value is back to “0”.

    Except that, the game seems to run fine, thanks for your hard work!

      1. Hey, great to read it. I can’t wait for it (will it work for the European version?). I want to play with Jill in hotpants and leggings killing zombies with a machine gun.

        1. The European version isn’t supported anymore because it’s harder to maintain two separate branches of slightly different code and the Japanese version provides quite an improvement. Next version will work only on the Japanese Mediakite version, but it will boot in English by default.

  2. Hey Gemini, thanks for the outstanding patch !

    Finished RE1, jumping onto RE2 now 🙂

    Consider publishing the sources on GitHub or similar so people can further improve it, e.g. a GUI for the options, better documentation etc.

    Thanks !

  3. Where in the world do I put your file ? I mean there’s just so many files and I’m not used to this type of stuff so can you please tell me where to put the file to? Thanks

      1. Hello! just had a quick question, I downloaded everything mounted the iso, downloaded the patch for modern cpus, but when I run the game the textures are pretty poor, character textures and moveable textures are a lot worse than what ive seen on other pc videos. I have a great graphics card so i’m stumped on what to do to fix this?

  4. Hello! just had a quick question, I downloaded everything mounted the iso, downloaded the patch for modern cpus, but when I run the game the textures are pretty poor, character textures and moveable textures are a lot worse than what ive seen on other pc videos. I have a great graphics card so i’m stumped on what to do to fix this?

  5. hello, I’m looking for the files posted on 11/07/2018 to put the European versions in a 1024×768 resolution. can you help me?

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