Xmas release for RE2 Classic REbirth

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And here we go with an xmas release for Resident Evil 2. I was meant to write an entry to Classic REbirth 2 for the longest time, but I guess most people found their way to the download in the menu bar.

Not really much to say about this release, the change log should make it clear how far along this got, but something that gotta be mentioned for this release is the censorship global disable switch inside the configuration. I was asked to implement this quite a few times, as the game already has an uncensored mode in the form of Arrange Mode. Still, this setting will make happy those who find it stupid that Capcom censored Original Mode death cutscenes.

Without further ado, click on the  big blue download icon to visit the download page for Classic REbirth 2.

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  1. Dude, thanks for your hard work on a 20+ year game! its amazing!
    is there a way to make the 3d objects render @ the same resolution as the background? its quite jarring to see that 2d to 3d contrast

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