I’m gonna blast fry that dino dodo!

The Dino Crisis Classic REbirth patch is out, enjoy!

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  1. Please add True 4K resolution support or add multipliers of internal resolution (1X…12X,etc) as Duckstation Emu does….

    Thanks for your work !!!!

    God bless to you…

      1. The polygons have a sawtooth even in 4K resolution but I just noticed that it also happens on Duckstation, although setting it to 12x or more the sawtooth disappear almost completely …

        Apparently it is a problem with the game engine, hopefully there is some way to solve it someday …

        Thanks Gemini, you are the best !!!!

        God bless you!

        Please don’t forget to the RECR1lovers !!!!! xD

        1. If you use DSR (aka supersampling) the jags go away. Otherwise just force antialiasing via either AMD or NVIDIA panel.

          1. If rendering at resolutions higher than those supported by the screen (8K, 16K, etc.), no Antialiasing is needed and the image looks spectacular, in this sense it is really amazing what DuckStation does by scaling the internal resolution up to 16384 x 8192 with 24-bit true color in D3D11 and OpenGL !!!!! … you should take a look at the emulator …

            God bless you.

    1. Hi Gemini 🙂
      As we know the intro movie was censored… is it now restored on Dino Crisis Classic REbirth?

      Cheers 🙂

      1. lol Yes!! Dino Crisis 2 baby! Then Dino Crisis 3……. 😉 I wish that had a pc port – I have the game for xbox just haven’t played it yet – but I would still love it on pc 🙂
        Thanks for all your work Gemini – do you have any links to the Echo Night stuff I saw you and some others talking about? I played the original Echo Night on ps1 back in the day, but never even knew there was a sequel!

  2. Hi, did anyone else encounter the issue where when you press the inventory key the game option gets called out instead? It happens randomly and doesn’t affect the overall experience but I’m just wondering if it’s a bug or is it just me.

    1. Maybe you accidentally mapped the same button to two actions? As far as I know, this bug never appeared during testing.

      1. I just checked my configuration again and realized it was indeed me stupidly having mapped the selfsame key to those two commands. Sorry for trolling.

  3. Hi Gemini fantastic work btw. Thank you for restoring his game to it’s rightful glory, and I am even more excited about dino crisis 2 in the future. I just have a wee little problem, I am just wondering how you enable 4K resolution with this rebirth patch, I have DSR factor enabled in control panel but these are the only resolution options available in the resolution box as you can see below, so I’m kinda confused. Thanks!


    1. Fullscreen follows the current resolution of the screen, so you gotta use DSR to bump your desktop resolution as well, then select the fullscreen option.

      1. Also im wondering Gemini, is it possible with the classic rebirth patch, for hd background mods such as this fantastic mod featured below, to work with re2, re1 rebirth patch? I know its a gamecube dolphin mod but are the backgrounds themselves moddable with your patch because after your brilliant patch, all thats left are the backgrounds on the pc versions. Thanks!


        1. it says right on the page you linked…

          “Classic Rebirth, while being a great and easy to use patch, doesn’t feature texture upscaling (yet). We will work on a PC version when it will be possible.”

  4. I have several questions/issues. This patch runs amazingly except I have an issue where the computer needed to rewrite the card to Dr. Kirk’s ID, the computer does not highlight the numbers so seeing my inputs is more difficult. When finished inputing and it shows the progress bar, it’ll throw in random characters like &% etc. The Third Energy vortex is also has seams in it which looks like you fixed based on your twitter. Are there any additional things like dgVoodoo2 that I need to install to get it to work? Also, is debug mode and the censorship option not available at this time? I enabled the debug mode in the ini but nothing changes in the game like how it does in RE2.

    1. Okay, so upon rechecking your twitter, I see that censorship isn’t a real option and that debug isn’t available yet and from your release stream that the vortex issue came back? Still, why does the puzzle break the highlighting for me? If it helps, I played on original mode. I suppose I can try again and in arrange if that makes a difference.

  5. I would like something to change game textures.
    Also I wonder how translate this game, I’ve played Dino Crisis with texts in spanish in Playstation.

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