The Resident Evil 3 curse has been lifted

The game has been added to the list of Classic REbirth patches. More info after the jump!

So, the patch is finally available to the public, making the missing entry in the series compatible with modern hardware. In a sense, this patch has been handled with so much care it’s the most advanced of the classic trilogy at the moment. All deprecated APIs have been replaced with a more modern counterpart (DDraw becomes Direct3D9, DirectSound becomes XAudio 2.9, DirectShow becomes FFmpeg, etc.), and the general stability of the game has increased massively. The thing with the new APIs is that they also make the game much lighter to run and come with a good amount of optimization under the hood.

You can find the download page with instructions and all bells and whistles in the left menu of the page, or via the Download drop menu if you are on mobile. Enjoy this 2+ month effort, it’s been a roller coaster of fun and pain.

14 opinions on “The Resident Evil 3 curse has been lifted”

  1. I can finally play this game, ive been waiting for this game to get a good native port on pc forever and now its here, the definitive version of the original game!

  2. Omg thank you so much! I’m subscribed to your twitter so I’ve been keeping in touch. Idk if you’re planning on doing dino crisis 2 or updating the games you’ve already done to dx9. If you are, I’ll be looking forward to it!

  3. Thank you so so SO MUCH you rock !

    Would you eventually be interested in giving Parasite Eve 2 the REbirth treatment ? :-p

    Now I’ll go back and play RE3 thanks to you 🙂

  4. prolly a moot question, but does your fix get rid of the affine texture-warping? since the game seems to be running in software-mode.
    but I guess you would have to write an algorithm special so that the vertices are displayed correctly, right?

    1. ah sry, you mention that on the dl-page. sounds to good to be true, and then I saw the date… April 1st? is this even for real? 😀

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