RE2 Classic REbirth change log

Upcoming in version 1.1.0 [Improvement] Replaced DirectDraw with DirectX 9, which restores and improves a number of graphical aspects: visible damage on 3d models, better clipping of 3d elements, full alpha blending support, smoother performance, generally better support for modern GPUs, better raster effects (screen shakes and lines), hardware scaling of movies, and support for … Read more RE2 Classic REbirth change log

Resident Evil 2 Classic REbirth

DOWNLOADS & LINKS Classic REbirth DLL Mods: Speedrun Edition 2020 Test with stupidly invincible zombies Real Survivor Naruto Evil 2 High Quality sound MP4 movie replacement (by Reza Molaee) Mod-sdk DLL source code (on github) Mod-sdk tools source code (on github) Mod-sdk instructions (on github) Mods for language support: German Russian Spanish Official 1.1.0 patch … Read more Resident Evil 2 Classic REbirth