BIOHAZARD pc cd-rom patch version 1.01

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BIOHAZARD pc cd-rom patch version 1.01

Official CAPCOM patch for Biohazard, which is the same executable provided with the Mediakite reprint (version 1.01). This patch increases general compatibility and improves software rendering.


Simply replace the original executable with the one in the package.

5 opinions on “BIOHAZARD pc cd-rom patch version 1.01”

  1. There never was a 2001 reprint – MediaKite reprinted it once in 1999 (from which this pacchi originates), and that version is noted to be the latest 1.00h (readme file), thus v1.01 never existed in the first place! Please rectify this confusion 🙁

  2. Can someone help me? I got the Japanese release of RE but after running the setup all I get in the installation folder is an Uninstall exe and a folder called JPN. This JPN folder seems to contain the files and archives of the game, but I don’t see any exe to run the game. Is supposed to be like this?? Where should I place this CAPCOM patch?? I want to play it with the Classic REbirth DLL.

    Thanks in advance

      1. Thanks a lot. I followed the troubleshooting guide but aftet setting everything the game won’t start.
        It says “Failed to initialize the DirectX” :’-/

        “Sh*t happens” has gone to a new level, I’m getting errors everywhere I look

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