Dark Earth official 1.1 patch

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Dark Earth official 1.1 patch


DarkEarthPatch.EXE is a self-extracting ZIP archive. Double-click on the DarkEarthPatch.EXE icon to open the extractor.

In the text box under "UNZIP TO FOLDER:" is the default directory for Dark Earth.  If you have installed to a different location than the one given (C:Program FilesMicroproseDark Earth,) edit that line to reflect the appropriate location.

Then press the "UNZIP" button.  It should ask if you want to overwrite the existing version of DKEV.EXE.  Answer yes.  Note that if you don't not get this warning message, you are probably installing to the wrong directory.  See the above paragraph.

This version of the main executable (DKEV.EXE) adds expanded error messaging for troubleshooting purposes.  It fixes the problem of "Fatal Error 4" (file not found) occurring on some people's systems who have non-contiguous drive designations. It also contains an option for forcing 256-color mode for video cards and chipsets which cannot handle the 32K-color version (e.g. some laptops) which can cause error 8 messages.  If you are getting error 9, you may have a video card with under two megabytes of memory, which is beneath the game specifications.

Fatal error 4 means that a file the program is looking for is not where it was expected to be.  This patch will fix most of those, but there are a few other possible causes, according to Kalisto:

Ifyou  have more than 5 hard disks or partitions and installed the game on a hard drive past the fifth one, as H: or more, C: to G: being other hard disks. 

If you have a CD-R drive before CD-Rom drive, or are trying to run the game from another CD drive than the first one.  Try the special diagnostic version attached with this email and this should go away - unless you actually have more than 5 CD drives and you're trying to read from a drive past the first 5 ones. People who have illegal pirate copies will also get Error 4.  Believe it or not, some of these people actually contact us for technical support!!!

Another possible (though rare) cause of Error 4 is if the CD device has been labeled "CD1." The name of your CD Drive (or any device) MUST NOT be called " CD1 ."  The cause of a CD being thusly named would be in the loading of DOS real-mode drivers in the CONFIG.SYS file.

(Note: Users who do not run any Ms-Dos programs need not load these real-mode drivers, as they are used only for programs which run exclusively in MS-DOS mode.  They are included on systems to permit backward-compatiblity for Dos applications.)

To change the name of your CD Rom driver:

1/ Using the Windows NOTEPAD program open the file called CONFIG.SYS.

This file is located at the root of your HardDisk. If you cannot see it, change the view option (in the explorer), in the display tab, and select to show all the files.

2/ In the CONFIG.SYS file, locate the line concerning your CD Drive. The line looks something like this:

DEVICEHIGH=C:‹foldername›‹drivername›.SYS /D:CD1

(It might just say DEVICE= instead of DEVEICEHIGH= which is OK. Where you see ‹foldername› and ‹drivername› above will be different from system to system.  The part of the line we're focusing on is where it says D:/CD1 - that's where the CD unit is named.

3/ Change the name of the CD. An appropriate name could be MSC0001.  You could name it anything you want, as long as it isn't CD1.  So now our line looks like this:

DEVICEHIGH=C:foldername‹drivername›.SYS /D:MSC0001

4/ Save the CONFIG.SYS file.

5/ If you changed the /D:CD1 parameter as stated above, you must also change that same parameter in the line that loads the dos extentions, located in either or both of the following files:  AUTOEXEC.BAT (located in the root of your C: drive; if you don't see a reference to MSCDEX.EXE that is OK and actually preferrable) and/or DOSSTART.BAT located in your WINDOWS folder.

6/ Open the file using Notepad as described above, locate the line concerning the CD Driver. The line should be as follows:

C:‹foldername›MSCDEX.EXE /D:CD1

7/ Again, change the name of the CD. Set the same name you used in the CONFIG.SYS

C:foldernameMSCDEX.EXE /D:MSCD0001

8/ Save the file.

9/ To make the change operational, you must reboot your computer.

If your CD has a short spindown time (the time it takes for the unit to go into "sleep mode," the game may be timing out waiting for the CD to "wake up: and get back up to speed.  Contact your CD manufacturer to see if this is the case with yours, and if they have a fix.  There is a shareware utility on the web called "spindown" which will allow you to change the spindown time of yourCD ROM, but it's not real user-friendly and is recommended for technically advanced users only.