Dino Crisis Classic REbirth

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Dino Crisis Classic REbirth


This patch is intended as a stand alone download and is not meant to be included in any derivative work containing copyrighted files from Dino Crisis games. Apple of Eden does not support piracy and does not allow the patch to be redistributed along with illegal works.


51 opinions on “Dino Crisis Classic REbirth”

    1. Besides infinite grenade launcher from config.ini, you’re pretty much on your own with CheatEngine.

      1. Are you, per chance, THE “Gemini”? From Devil Hacker’s Nest and ROMhacking.net?
        Are you a part of this project as well, perhaps?
        Man, I haven’t seen you guys in action ever since after Echo Night II’s full translation gone gold.

          1. Good to know it IS you, dude.
            Glad to hear/know that you’ve decided to essentially flip a middle finger to Crapcon’s fugly face after the absolutely inept atrocity that is Last Escape’s/Nemesis’ nu-modern “””””remake”””””, clearly preparing for the eventual “Dino Crisis’ REmake” to end up a massive effing bastardization and an utter disappointment. After what they did to Last Escape/Nemesis there is clearly no light at the end of the tunnel anymore. Please, all of you people, stay safe and be careful in these daring times of global pandemic, don’t get sick and keep on working.
            We NEED you, because people like you are the LITERAL last bastion in these dark days of modern (corporate greed-fueled) neutered/altered/censored garbage re-releases of everyone’s beloved classics. RE4HD, REupscale, REbirth (by Gemini, the legend, the rockstar, THE MAN), and all other similar fan-made projects of such kin…we ALL (the ENTIRE gaming world) are very heavily depending on you, guys.

            …I guess Marl Oukoku 2’s (Little Princess+1) translation project is eternally dead-in-the-water ever since DHN gone down, eh? What a truly immense shame, I guess. Well, at least you managed to get back together with Tom to actually finish Echo Night II (a thing which I will eternally be grateful for, to all of you).

          2. man i cant agree more. time for some replay on those classic gems. 2 more things i like to see a resi 3 with rebirth dll. and the arange mode of psx to pc resi1 rebirth. and i can gladly wait for those, since both are not easy tasks from the information i gather

  1. Is there a way to edit skins? i believe the skin format should be very similar to resident evil.

    But i have no idea how to extract them

  2. Work excellent, great job!!!
    2 question, since i play at 21:9 screen is there is a way to keep aspect ratio of 2D elements/menu screens? Item selection screen is pretty hard to read after stretching from 4:3 to 21:9. I think that dreamcast version keep aspect ratio on that screen despite having 16:9 gameplay (or emulator do that since i only watch it on youtube).And second thing did “DINO CRISIS 1 (DREAMCAST) -HD Texture pack Reicast” will work with PC version? That detailer texture are great and would be awesome to see them on Classic REbirth

  3. Hi! I’m running the game in Win10, I cannot get over the first level since the game crashes in some points (I can say, trying to open a fence door, which is near an equipment on the ground, and also receiving a call from the guy into the command center after killing the first raptor). Is there a way I can fix that?
    thank you

  4. This is absolutely amazing, thank you so much! Will you also be doing something for Dino Crisis 2?

    1. Technically there is no uncensored introduction, that movie was present only in one demo and it doesn’t add any real gore.

  5. First of all, my sincere congratulations for this project! Dino Crisis 1 is in my Top 3 favorite games.

    I have one doubt. Why can’t I use the Spacebar bar as the FIRE option (or any other option) in the configuration menu?

  6. I got an error 🙁 it says
    DirectX failed: can’t determine Z-buffer depth.

    Could someone help me? I’m a total noob

  7. Thanks for replying. Amm I just have Standard VGA. Does this answer your question or I need to look for something else ?

    1. Standard VGA sounds like the generic Windows driver, so the GPU isn’t installed properly and the game can’t be used due to a lack of hardware acceleration. Install your GPU properly and it should start working, hopefully.

      1. I have dual boot along with Ubuntu. I checked in Ubuntu and it was detecting the GPU so Windows had the problem. I re-installed drivers and that was it, have my old trusted GPU working again *__*

  8. Can you explain what the config settings do exactly? For example is there any downsides to using wide mode or censorship disable? And what exactly is color mode?

    1. If you pass the cursor on all options and wait for a bit, they show a tooltip with extensive information on what each field does.

  9. How come the highest resolution I can play at is 1600×1200 and no 16:9 option. In-game there’s black bars even with fullscreen option. I have a 1440p monitor, and it is the sourcenext version, plus the .dll for RE1 works fine, can play 1440p.

  10. I have a question about Widescreen HUD and UI elements when the game is running in 16:9 mode. Can those be fixed? They look stretched and ugly so that leaves playing the game in widescreen out of question to me. If the menus and other UI stuff would be displayed in 4:3 that would be so much better!

    Also, you’ve mentioned that you released an update on patreon a while ago now. Does this update will be released into public anytime soon?

  11. This is amazing when combined with HD textures that came out recently. Is there a way to also fix the texture flickering that happens when Regina is moving? For example, when she is in pain her arm flickers while moving showing body textures underneath her arm. On PCGamingWiki they seem to call it “Visible border artifacts on filtered textures with transparencies.” if I’m not wrong.

    1. That issue is called clipping, no real way to fix it now. It could be possible to do with z-buffer emulation, but it’s not easy at all.

  12. Hello.I have recently replayed DC: Classic rebirth thanks to the HD mod that got published recently and i’m enjoying this patch a lot.Do you have any plans for more DC1CR works or any Dino Crisis tools in general like text editors,ecc..?

  13. I have these problems, when I open the menu everything looks cut off and blurry, and also the lights on the characters wrists are distorted

  14. hi. first, thank u so much for ur awesome work.
    second, i have a weird crash that happens every time in a very specific part.
    the “large size elevator”. after solving the pipes puzzle and restore power.
    when i enter that room to activate the elevator. it crashes.
    black screen then crash.
    any solutions?
    thanks in advance!

    1. It seems to be an issue with the English translation. I still couldn’t reproduce it myself, but it will be fixed in the next version if I can find the cause.

  15. Hi! Thank you for such marvelous work! definitely this brings back to life this classic!
    My question is if there will be any kind of support for spanish language in future (maybe supporting another “version” of the game…)
    That would be great!
    Greetings and keep it up! 😉

      1. Hi Gemini, any plans for RE 3 for PC? The 1999 original version. There’s a patch that apparently transforms into english but my gamepad isn’t working right now and resolution is limited to 1600×1200 if I am not mistaken. Also no way to enable cheats like RE 1 and RE 2 and no “always boot in configure mode” option anywhere.

  16. Awesome Mod, quick question how is Dino Crisis 2 Classic REbirth coming along?
    Are there any technical issues? (sound as the big hurdle)

    (fixed the controlls with XInputPlus and there are even some AI upscaled textures out there)

  17. It works like a dream! Great work!
    The only real shame is that I am having trouble trying to extract the 3D models/textures from the game using programs like NinjaRipper and whatnot. Has anyone else had any luck in the meantime?

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