RE2 Speedrun Edition 2020

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  • Create Date October 16, 2020
  • Last Updated October 16, 2020

RE2 Speedrun Edition 2020

This is the package to be used for submitting speedruns. It enforces compliant speedrun settings and shows a watermark at the title screen to make it 100% safe for validation. To install it simply save the archive where the RE2 exe and Classic REbirth DLL are located, then boot the game and you will get the mod selection screen. Now select "BIOHAZARD 2: SPEEDRUN EDITION" and press OK. Alternatively, running the game with command line -mod_sr_crypto (works for shortcuts as well, add -mod_sr_crypto to target outside brackets) will skip mod selection.

NOTE: The archive can't be extracted because it uses the 1.0.9 encryption system. It's not a corrupted or faulty, and it cannot be used with any other version of Classic REbirth (it won't show up in the mod list).

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