Resident Evil 3 Classic REbirth DLL

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Resident Evil 3 Classic REbirth DLL


This patch is intended as a stand alone download and is not meant to be included in any derivative work containing copyrighted files from Biohazard/Resident Evil games. Apple of Eden does not support piracy and does not allow the patch to be redistributed along with illegal works.


  1. Extract the DLL in the same folder where your Biohazard 3 (PC).exe is located.
  2. Make sure that you are using version 1.1.0 and no compatibility modes are active (those are bad and will break the game).
  3. Boot the game as usual and, if you have the correct executable, you're done! If you try using an unsupported executable you will get a message that tells you it's not supported and nothing will be patched.

73 opinions on “Resident Evil 3 Classic REbirth DLL”

  1. Finally, it’s released. Of course I played the early builds and even those were promising, so thank you Gemini for finally releasing it and generally, for the REbirth project. We will finally be able to reminiscence our good times once more with a flawless one.

  2. Having problems with mine, seems like it played the violence and gore message twice, there’s no audio and the game crashes and closes if i start a new game

        1. Yup, if you have files incorrectly placed the game will assume they are there, fails to load some, crashes whenever it requires vital data.

          1. Yep I’m an idiot lol XD
            just went to your FAQ to see what the game folder should look like and everything is 100% working now

            Thanks for the help though 🙂

  3. Damn fine work Gemini! Loaded up the game up and everything seems to be working perfectly. With so many enemies, it’s a bit of a shame there’s no “tactical reload” in this one though, unlike RE2 Classic Rebirth. Would have loved to see that return.

    It’s great to see Mercenaries finally integrated and the outfit names were an ingenious idea! Finally, no more memorizing which is which.

      1. Could you add the option to map any key as tactical reload? In CR 2 it is defaulted as aim button + map button, without any option to change it.

  4. Hey, Gemini, thanks for the amazing work you’ve done with the game! I have an issue, though, the kind that stretches certain polygons(some water screens and other stuff) to the center of the screen while the new fix for wobbling is on. Would you be able to help with this? Thanks in advance.

    1. I’m not sure what you mean exactly by stretching. Everything scales according to your current resoltuion.

          1. I have a very old Vaio with that kind of GPU, I’ll debug it some day and see what is causing the issue.

  5. Yo! Got everything working right very quickly and it looks and plays fantastic. Thank you so much for your effort on this. The care really shows! I do have a question though. The english option seems to not be working. Is there a way to fix this? I use the Taiwan version of the game.

    1. If you want English, you need SourceNext. Taiwanese and Chinese override any language settings (it’s intentional to prevent bugs).

  6. Great job! The options you’ve added are very helpful.
    Is there any hope to get a HD background patch for your project in the future?

  7. Wow! You even able to insert that iconic Options screen. And no more unstable polygons. Amazing work, fans can’t thank you enough! (Just sad thing, is easier Japanese version)

    I have moddified zmovies, and game just force close after hearing 0.5 – 1sec.
    Gemini, how movies dat plays? What is required to be moddified to work with you’re patch?

    1. Are you using somebody’s movie pack or Darren’s? Darren’s is 100% guaranteed to work.

      1. For zmovies, I’m modding them myself. It should be something changed how movies played. Maybe xaudio thing?!

        1. The movies need to be created with mp4 specs (x264 for video, aac for audio), otherwise they won’t work.

    2. I also wanna ask, possibilities on texture dump-swap, or other methods to replace/modify backgrounds (higher resolution, maybe other format)?!

      And again, thank you for you’re amazing work!

      1. There will be a way once Mo Artis and I come up with a fast swap trick to allow SHDP to work on PC seamlessly.

  8. I mapped the pause/start key as the options button on my DS4, but it doesn’t seem to do anything.

    1. Pause doesn’t do a thing at the moment. It will be used in case I decide to add an actual pause functionality.

  9. My game crashes soon after the capcom advisory screen, or the biohazard opening if movies are enabled. any ideas?

  10. Yes! I’ve been waiting for this one for months, I checked your twitter daily for updates xD. Since I knew you were using Sourcenext, I started playing this version since christmas for keeping my save files and stuff. However, I can’t access my savefiles anymore… I remember you mentioning they would be ported for the new folder in first boot. Is this not implemented yet?

    1. Nevermind, Gemini. On second boot my saves appeared! Cheers and keep up this awesome project. Thank you.

  11. Looking good. One thing I will say is that sometimes, and I have no idea what triggers this, some of the masks have outlines on them when using the bilinear filter. But other times when I launch the game they don’t. Other than that, there are a couple audio bugs I’ve noticed:
    1. No music plays during the scenes with Murphy+Carlos and Jill+Nicholai in the Park Shed.
    2. The rumble sound effect during the scene where Jill falls into the gravedigger hole choice select doesn’t loop properly.
    3. The turning sound effect for the clock hands for the time puzzle doesn’t loop properly.
    4. Carlos doesn’t scream out Jill’s name after the screen fades to black after the Nemesis Clock Tower fight.
    5. I’m unsure if this is a bug, but the Clock Tower bell chimes the second the gears turn on PS1 but only after the cutscene on PC.

    1. Another QoL suggestion if possible, would it be possible for a New Game toggle for Jill’s Diary and the Assault Rifle Nemesis drop? Getting infinite ammo on subsequent playthroughs and getting locked out of Jill’s Diary kinda sucks.

      1. Pretty sure you can get infinite ammo and the diary, not sure about the assault rifle as a Nemesis drop, but that’s already part of the mercenary rewards. As for the sound bugs, most of them were already like that and I tried to fix some, but that will be for another version with extra hotfixes.

        1. The reward for Mercenaries is an infinite AR, but the default new game drop is a limited ammo item. I’ll try getting her diary again on another playthrough to see if it’s still possible.

        2. Looks like you were right. As far as other audio anomolies, I’ve noticed that the sounds for doors opening and closing don’t play or are really quiet like when Carlos is running from zombies after you get the compass and when he leaves you in the Dead Factory waterway. Jill also doesn’t call Mikhail’s name after he blows up Nemesis.

          1. If you’re playing with no doors, Jill not calling Mikhail is normal; that’s a door disguised as part of the cutscenes.

  12. Great work Gemini-sama :). This patch works perfectly. Tested with RE3SN and a integrated graphics and run sweet. 10/10

    One more thing. You have plans to add the hacks translations and mods support in this game?


  13. Haha my mistake. I’m read the frequently questions and are answer… xD

    Thanks man for the hard work.

  14. not my favourite resi but worth having it. although i have a problem the arrange mode seems to work ok. the original mode is crashing while the text farewell to my home farewell to my life is displayed. is something i did wrong? by folder is exacly as it shown in faq and i had patch it with sourcenext patch including the overwrite of Rofs4.dat

    1. found the issue looks like not all re3 can be converted. even if you place the sourcenext files. although there is a way the sourcenext zip update needs to have 2 more files the Rofs2.dat file with crc32 4C434F17. and the Rofs13.dat with crc32 89902CFD that will make all versions compatible

  15. Great job!! The game runs very well!! By the way, in the Hunter decapitation zombie cutscene, the censorship is still present in the Arrange Mode. In the same way, all decapitation Hunter attacks and the respective “You Died” scene are still censored. This is so strange because all death scenes and “head off kicks” are showing without problem.

    1. IIRC RE3 doesn’t have exactly gorish game over screens, no matter the region. Decapitation for that cutscene in arrange mode is actually the script having it disabled, same happens on original in Chiwanese versions, while Sourcenext has the head falling in original. Heads popping are always there, no matter the region or the mode.

      1. OK. I am using the SourceNext edition. I hope that the “Disable censorship” for Arrange Mode will be available in the future. Thanks for answer and greetings for this excelent work!!! 🙂

  16. how can I skip intro and cutscenes? I have dual shock 4 connected and controls set to raw input. I pressed every button on controller and keyboard

    1. Its whatever you bound the Map button. Works for not only FMV scenes, but in-game cutscenes as well

  17. This patch is a life saving one for these games, and for RE3 it could really use it. Although now I have an unorthodox issue (at least I think may be unorthodox).

    I try seeing exactly why you have a grudge against Stretching Res, using ReShade and the AspectRatio shader, and rendered it too my monitors native resolution. Well, I still don’t see it, but thats aside the point I want too make.

    But one thing to another, I ran it through steam for some conveniences (no, I don’t use the Steam Overlay controls in-game. It doesn’t even try working even Forced On, but its Forced Off). But too get to the point, the game, even stretched, is treated in a 4:3 aspect ratio, and the overlay menu is stretched too almost unusability. And I bet its a bug or something, cause RE1 & RE2 CR with the same settings do not have this issue. I bet this will be fixed, like many things, once you roll out the DX9 API layer update (depending on if this doesn’t already have it, idk if it does or not yet)

    1. I can’t quite understand what the issue is, but the game always renders to a texture with square pixels and is then displayed on whatever surface the main application uses by keeping the aspect ratio intact. As for the stretched resolution, the reason is simple: it would deform the image beyond the original scope of the artwork.

      1. I’m unsure of the exact issue, but the issue is something about how the game is rendered and how it effects applications around it. It kinda reminds me of what happens when a game is rendered in fullscreen at a resolution smaller then intended and it effects windows behind it, and this is effecting something that becomes the overlay that kinda just opens up. And its very strange when this issue only happens in one game, and the others aren’t even effected similarly too the same degree

        Idk if that would be too bad, the art looks amazing and I think it would be just fine, though going ultrawide may make the same tune. Well I suppose I shouldn’t care too much, if the game works and thanks too ReShade, I can’t really complain. Actually I think its what you’ve tweeted about RE3 CR 1.0.1, so maybe your unknowingly fixing the issue.

        1. If you’re altering fullscreen to stretch via Reshade, the overlay probably stretches along with it, since it’s still counting as 16:9 and with a rendering texture calculated to keep 4:3 aspect intact.

          1. I know this, considering thats why i’ve been wondering about. I manage too find out that it seems that ReShade makes the overlay both in front and behind the shading window, the ReShade home screen appears within the overlay but I can’t control it.

            And, like i’ve said before and won’t shut up about, the first two have no such occuring issue. Its so strange that I still firmly believe its either a bug, dgVooDoo2 acting funny or a rendering issue the game or patch is giving. Its so bizarre and a bit frustrating too fully understand and find the issue (of which could be already on that fix list you’ve mentioned already for all anyone knows for certain).

  18. Wow, great work as always! I truly appreciate what you’re doing there! A nice alternative to the “Restoration Project” patch. The whole “Classic Rebirth PC Trilogy” is complete now, yay! ^___^

    That said, I seem to have a trouble trying to run “-config” command. It just doesn’t work with this one for some reason. Tried it with a shortcut and a .bat file – no luck. Am I the only one?

    Also I wonder if there is a way to enable subtitles during cutscenes.

    1. That option doesn’t work. Turns out I messed the variable that is used to detect the -config command. It’s fixed already for version 1.0.1.

  19. There were a couple of bugs I’ve encountered so far, one minor and one major.

    The weapons from Mercenaries can be bought again after they’ve already been unlocked. However, they still appear in the main game. The game also crashes consistently when exiting the Clock Tower as Carlos. I verified that it was not due to an error on my part three different times with fresh installations each time. Both of these have been tested on the Chinese version, so I’m not sure if they’re universal problems.

    I’ve also felt that Xinput’s sensitivity is far too high. I can barely walk in a straight line with it most of the time. Other than these issues I’ve found this patch to be fantastic!

    1. I might have to check that issue with Mercs rewards, it could be a fluke from when the Chinese text support was added.

      As for that crash with Carlos, so far I’ve only seen it happen to one streamer as a constant thing, but it was a broken install, 100% confirmed. Not sure why it keeps crashing for you, since it’s a bug that eludes the DLL. Could it be a modified JPEG background maybe? Seen packages of those floating and they are not 100% sure to use.

      For XInput sensitivity, it’s calibrated in a way that works for most controllers to avoid drifting, and it’s calibrated differently on DirectInput because it uses different ranges. If you’re using the left stick to move, that’s the problem. The patch is designated to read the d-pad rather than the stick.

  20. Hi Gemini,
    I noticed an issue with FMVs that was introduced by CLASSIC REBIRTH. This issue didn’t happen with a previous MOD that lacked the improvements you are bringing to us, but here’s the thing: there are downsides in CLASSIC REBIRTH and the old project in this regard. Since this is complicated to explain here I made a thread about it, please take a look: – Also, as I said there, since I discovered this, for the time being I am keeping both MODs. I made a suggestion there for you to offer what Kalash49 did, in boot mode, as a new option. I have been following your work and was almost going to ditch the old project, until I found out this change.

    1. If you want videos with the halved framerate and corrected aspect ratio, you need to reprocess the videos yourself. Sorry but I’m not really interested in doing anything like that as it’s outside of the scope of the patch (i.e. supporting only the original data and adding mp4 for whoever wants to create videos); on top of that, Darren’s pack already fixes any issues and is the definitive way to enjoy those movies. So either use his pack or use ffmpeg to convert Kalash’s.

      1. I didn’t look into this page fully, so I missed this MOD from Darren you are talking about. The aspect ratio I mentioned before was fixed by him (I checked here), with the 30 fps MP4 files his MOD has, which replace the old dat files from Kalash.

        I posted my comment before I found that out, so what I saw was only what Classic Rebirth changed with the DLL and the Sourcenext patch. In this case it didn’t change any video, it only read the FMVs the way they were supposed to be seen, at 30 fps and not 15.

        I agree with you, the difference is night and day with the 30 fps videos. In fact the way the first three games look like in the emulators/PC before, in terms of image quality, was terrible. What bothered me is that I am not used to look them at 30 fps, so the image inevitably appears faster, just like I never cared about watching european 25 fps PAL (4% faster than NTSC, for the image and audio) DVDs from movies (I hated this speedup, as a purist I am, even though some people told me they couldn’t notice it).

        When the Blu-ray came in 2006 everyone, including europeans, had a disc that was close to 24 fps, which is the way these movies were shot and show in cinemas.

        The irony here is the way RE 3 FMVs were apparently only available in better quality (so probably at SD resolution and at 30 fps) when Sourcenext released in the 2000’s. Meaning we only had trash in terms of resolution and fps in the old PlayStation, in the 1990’s.

        Meaning when Classic Rebirth reads the best resolution/fps FMVs from RE it’s actually doing us a favor.

        I asked if you couldn’t pull this off because initially I thought this couldn’t be fixed if we wanted to at least have that option, that it was something complex that only you could pull it off.

        This is, in fact, an idea for a MOD, or as you explained we could use ffmpeg (don’t know how, will look into it).

        What I did so far was to create 2 shortcuts, for the game as you modified (Rebirth), and as it was before your changes. The problem with this idea is that we lose a lot of the changes from Rebirth, if we open the 2016 Kalash project. Also there’s no boot mode in Kalash’s RE3, so no way for example to hit F1 and enable cheats.

        Resident Evil 2 Classic Rebirth (and the 1st game) had multiple MODs that could be enabled from boot mode. RE 2 has one called HIGH QUALITY MUSIC AND SOUND VER. 2018, from lexas87, which says: “Music & Sound taken from GameCube 90% OST 10%, Voice taken from PSX 100%, Fixed sound balance the sound evenly in both speakers 50/50”.

        Also has REALISTIC ZOMBIES and REAL SURVIVOR, for example, in which all item boxes are disconnected.

        This means a MOD that could switch between 15 and 30 fps videos could one day be created by an user, to scrap that idea of us switching between Darren’s MP4s (at 30@fps) and Kalash’s at 15 fps.

  21. is there no “tactical-reload”-option this time around or am I missing something?
    thanks for your work, as always! (:

    (and would be awesome if you could explain a bit how you got rid of the polygon-shaking. custom algo?)

    1. Version 1.0.1 will have tactical reload. Polygonal wobbling was fixed by rewriting all 3d transformation to use float values instead of integers (i.e. subpixel precision).

          1. “rewriting all 3d transformation to use float values instead of integers (i.e. subpixel precision)”
            yeah, the PSX-hardware didn’t support that… was it a lot of work on your end?
            your efforts are very much appreciated, kind sir!

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