Resident Evil Classic REbirth DLL

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  • Create Date July 4, 2018
  • Last Updated December 6, 2020

Resident Evil Classic REbirth DLL


This patch is intended as a stand alone download and is not meant to be included in any derivative work containing copyrighted files from Biohazard/Resident Evil games. Apple of Eden does not support piracy and does not allow the patch to be redistributed along with illegal works.


256 opinions on “Resident Evil Classic REbirth DLL”

    1. But.. How to apply it? Where’s that tutorial? Who’s in command there? Where’s the air support? GODDAMNIT! Help

      1. Just throw it in the folder with your game but it has to be the specific version that the .dll is intended for. Search the internet elsewhere for that version. There are a at least 4 versions of RE/biohazard for PC and it only works on one of them.

        1. Nope, it works on any version of Biohazard, as long as the user replaces the main executable with the one available in the downloads. All the Japanese versions share the same exact data and are compatible, the only real difference is the executable.

  1. The game runs fine until after the opening cutscene. Right when Jill is going to speak the game crashes saying it cannot find the voice file.

    1. You probably need a full install of the game to fix that. Simply drop the whole USA folder inside cd:\horr\ next to NEWEUR.EXE and you’re good to go.

      1. Thanks that worked. Is there some way to get the game to run in full-screen? I changed full-screen to 1 in the config file but it didn’t work.

        1. That option will be available again when I add support for hardware mode, since software mode tends to glitch quite a lot when it goes fullscreen (i.e. it breaks some textures).

          1. Hello Gemini awesome work,
            so we can only play the game windowed until further notice?

          2. hey gemini, have you been able to change this so that the game can be run in fullscreen mode?

          3. Thank you very much to all the people who have managed to operate the re 1 of pc and the re 2 aora is also missing the re3. As they were old, they didn’t work well on modern aora PCs and I’ve been waiting since very many years that they will work well. I’m very happy to be able to play well on Aora PCs because the game didn’t work very fast before and conjela in the dining room with jill. but now everything does not work well, congratulations to those who worked to make it work well thanks from the heart. I was already lost that never again in life I could play re 1 old well on a new pc.
            The only thing missing is that they add for re1 and re 2 to be able to watch the game in full screen 16/9 because I have a paronamic TV and I have been trying how to put it in the options and I don’t get it as a whole. I do not like to see the game small with black stripes on the sides I want to see everything complete. and I do not know how to put it or anyone esprica either as I approach or have seen a video tutorial or anything at all.
            and finally I also wanted to ask if there is for re2 how to get the debug mode as it is in re1 because I put in options debug mode 1 but it does not work nothing comes out to be able to change weapons, screens, objects ect. and it would only be missing for each person to have the option to be invincible or untouchable that you never die that life never goes away is always green.

          4. hello friend gemini i’m new here i wanted to ask you what if you can get something for people who want to be able to watch the game full screen on paronamica tv 16/9 please why are there people who like normal and other people full screen 16/9 thanks.

      2. hey Gemini , im having the same issue as vanfinale, where would i find the USA folder you mention so i can get the game to work ?

        1. That referred to the old version of the patch, which supported the US version. Replace USA with JPN and it’s the same.


      I did some digging around the web and found the FMV’s from the English PowerVR demo to be more than adequate, and exactly what I was looking for.

      1. The next release will have support for mp4 with h264 for video and aac for audio – that means you can have any resolution and filtered output, not to mention you can encode 640×480 @30 fps for all videos in less than 80 MB. I’m currently having this version of the DLL tested, shouldn’t take very long to release. Have your ffmpeg ready for some encoding fun!

        PS: not sure what the PowerVR demo has for video, the final release has the same Cinepak+PCM crap as any other release.

        1. PowerVR is Cinepak like other versions and at 10fps.

          Only ones I could find that were uncut, had no subtitles, and have the original western music on the intro.

          I hate the ‘I’ve got a shotgun’ replacement in other uncut versions of the intro. It’s the only reason I don’t use the Ultimate Director’s Cut mod for PS1. Would love to have a patch for the original non DualShock DC that only adds the uncut FMV’s and not the fan mode and costumes.

          1. Ok, not a big deal then, I was able to mix the “perfect” intro myself:

            The thing with PC releases is the ugly framerate and horrible compression, which makes PlayStation movies way better for an improved conversion. It’s possible to remake the whole PC movie library by mixing and matching pieces of the various releases.

          1. MP4 support has been there for quite a while. It applies only to videos with AAC+H264.

  2. Found your movie pack on the discord and they’re fantastic.

    I didn’t think I would notice much of an improvement, but I was wrong.

    Great work Gemini.

      1. Which discord server are you talking about? I checked the blog and even the patreon but I found nothing about it.

          1. Could I also get an invite, please? I left a message here months ago about helping with Gun Survivor’s translation but no one really got in touch with me.

  3. If I choose a graphics card (eg 3D Blaster) although it is limited to 640×480, it looks much better compared to running the software version at 1024×768. Is that how it should be, or am I doing something wrong (shouldn’t the higher res look better?). I’m running this using Win10 btw.

    1. The current patch doesn’t work in hardware mode. Next one will have no more software, only fixed hardware.

  4. Hey can you guys help? Which folder do i unpack it? Because when i install the game it doesnt have any executables thus having me run it from the cd rom i have the japanese version of it when i look in program foles biohazard there are subfolders inna folder called jpn… The data folder has no executablesim running windows 10 can anyone help?

    1. The regular installer doesn’t create any EXE, but you don’t even need what’s on the CD for that. You download the official 1.00c version (link under HOW TO USE) and place that next to JPN or USA folder in your install path.

      1. Oh oh, I didn’t get any USA folder πŸ™ just a folder called JPN and all texts are indeed in Japanese, I thought the Classic REbirth DLL would translate it. Am I missing something? Or I was just stupid enough to download an incomplete file.. ? -_-‘

        1. Those comments refer to the patch before 1.1.0, which had a different approach. The new one is only for the JP Mediakite print, so it’s perfectly normal if the USA folder is missing. RE1CR does translate the game into English automatically, just like all the other patches, so all you need is the correct exe, data copied in the proper folders (consult the troubleshooting section), and that’s about it.

  5. I can’t seem to get a resolution higher than 320×240. When cycling with F7 and F8 it is just resizing the window but keeping the resolution. I’ve going into the ‘Launch’ .exe to change the card to video, system, 3d blaster but I’m not able to see any different (or if it is even being picked up by the installation). Would any body have any ideas?

        1. I figured out how to do borderless fullscreen only with RE2, which came much later. If I go back to this (which I intend to do), fullscreen will be added along with hardware mode and some other features present in Classic REbirth 2.

  6. I hope you improve this in the future, i’m doing a HD texture mod, and some HD textures to RE2 as well, besides i’m trying to port the 3D models from Deadly Silence, but i’m using Peixoto patch, and there are some limitations with that patch.
    Here are some screenshots…

  7. Gemini, is it possible to add direct movement with the analog stick like in N64 version of RE2 and high-definition remasters of REmake and Zero?

  8. Fantastic work my man! When do you think you will be able to get HardWare mode sorted for this? I am looking forward to playing in Fullscreen

    1. I’ll start working on it full time by next week, so possibly somewhere around the 20th there will be a brand new version of Classic REbirth 1 coded v1.1.0.

      1. Gemini. When I get some money, I will send you a little cash. I am pretty poor, but I appreciate your work. Thank you so much mate.
        Resident evil REbirth is the coolest thing ever. I will check back on the 20th. I have seen your tweets about you enabling HW mode and the game looking super sharp.

  9. Hey there, I am really curious about something that I saw in the recent video showcase with zombie Forest. In the PSX version of RE1, there is a tiny delay between camera angle changes and I saw that just now in the Forest video showcase as well, but if I recall correctly, the camera angle changes are instantaneous in the PC version of RE1 (at least that is so for RE2 and RE3). I am curious whether you specifically decided to leave the delay in or whether that will be changed further on.

    1. I made so that the game loads backgrounds as soon as it needs a camera switch. It’s a counter measure to fix some glitched graphics. There is some extra stutter that I need to fix, so it will work pretty much like RE2 does currently.

  10. Hey dude is there a way you can make a vertices/polygonal fix for Resident Evil 3 or do you know of one? Seeing the enemies and characters faces glitch about is akin to carcinogens. Side note, how is RE1 .1.10 coming along?

    1. I’ll have to figure out exactly what causes the issue, since all RE PC ports partially emulate the GTE (PlayStation Geometry Engine) to some extend. Game probably does something stupid between vertex processing and the actual drawing.

      1. I am really looking forward to RE 1 1.10 is it close? I love these damn games. Such a good job you are doing

    1. RE1 partially does the same but rasterization (i.e. from 3D to screen coordinates) is completely done via DirectDraw. I suspect RE3 does more or less the same but leaves more computation to software.

  11. The main disadvantages for me:
    1. cant get full screen
    2. “snow” effect (in select screen at least , don’t know if it take place in game further)
    I currently use this , with which
    1. full screen without any “effects”
    2. eliminates fps madness (but probably u need to launch media player in background)
    if it has support for xinput and portability it will be perfect for me

    1. Fullscreen is done in the current WIP build, tho it’s more like windowed borderless, so it looks like fullscreen even if it’s not. Hardware mode has no “snow” effect, that’s what software mode does to simulate fade effects. FPS madness is totally gone as well and you don’t even need to have any media player in background. As for controllers, I current have XInput, Raw Input, and DirectInput.

  12. Where to find compatible versions? I rummaged through all the torrent trackers and did not find Japan or European versions. I found Asia, but your patch fix doesn’t work with it.

    1. 1.1.0 will have borderless window mode, so yeah, that feature will be available when I’m done fixing all the missing stuff for the big rewrite.

  13. It does not work for me … I have the german version. With me are still those annoying pixels. Can you make a tutorial video? I do not know if I did everything right or wrong.

        1. I found Biohazard.iso japan from description link –
          biohazard.exe md5: 6CBF17329D634433818270E7BB79A308
          Sha1: 047F4FEEA01B18C69F12E790F2DC837AE0B7107F
          It does not work, did everything according to the instructions, ddraw.dll in the folder with biohazard.exe. The game starts, works, with bad graphics in the window. I tried to replace in “conf.ini” the values of “X_Size”, “Y_Size” by others, but after restarting they returned back to 320 and 240, it turns out ddraw still causes?

          1. That is indeed the MediaKite build, which is the one compatible with this patch and the upcoming one. As for the resolution, pressing F7 or F8 in game does the trick, but it won’t go fullscreen. The new version will have that and default to hardware rendering.

          2. Thank you so much dude. I practically gave up on trying to install RE1, and this was unbelievably easy with the mediakite iso. Made sure i backed this iso up 3x over so I never run into that struggle again lol.

      1. Im DrEmuler i had my own “perfect” version project of the game.
        But im pretty interested on help yours.
        check it out.
        anyway. please let me know if you need or want help!
        contact on my channel πŸ˜€

    1. RE1 can theoretically use hi-res backgrounds. It requires a quick way to decompress them, as using HD PNGs tends to be ultra slow.

  14. Hi Gemini. I saw on youtube HD backgrounds created using AI for all classic resident evil(1, 2, 3, 1.5). Is it possible to port them to PC. Especially interested RE1 PC version.

  15. Hey πŸ™‚
    Can you say when the next updates goes public? Can’t wait to test hardware mode.
    Thank you so much for everything.

    1. Hopefully soon enough. Been stuck in bed for the last few days due to an abscess, which is fortunately healing now.

  16. Hi,
    Is this dll is open source? I think this kind fixes should be open source to make them future-proof.
    Thanks for great work.

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        1. Okay, sorry for the impatience ^^
          The Date was updated so we thought you’ve uploaded the new .dll

          Thank you so much for this!

          Quick question: Is there a way to bring the startup-launcher-settings back after the confi.ini has been created or do I need to change my settings in the ini?

  18. Awesome stuff Gemini much appreciated!

    Just wondering Is quickturn and tactical reolad and such a feature in later possible updates? I see it’s locked away in the current release.

    1. Yup, those are planned features for a later update! I left them disabled because they would have pushed the release even more.

  19. Hey Gemini,
    Really fantastic work with this πŸ˜€

    Although I have spotted a couple of times when the game during in game cutscenes had subtitles in japanese.

    Not sure if it appeared anywhere else, just the cutscene when chris and rebecca confront wesker and chris reuniting with rebecca just after the tyrant got ko’d the first time.

  20. I saw on the stream youtube that you make a translation in XML, and is it possible to translate into other languages in this way? I would like to translate into Russian, maybe you could upload on github xml files and font to add support for other languages?

  21. You glorious, magnificent bastard! I’ve been waiting so many years for any sort of fix to make RE PC playable on a modern system and then you turn up and fix every goddamn problem at once! I owe you a beer… no, many beers! Fantastic work, fucking incredible that someone even remembers this stupid old thing, never mind fixes the fucker! Holy hell!

  22. Thank you sir for your magic work! i have a question, can i convert those .wav files in /voice /sound folders to .ogg, so i can reduce file sizes? and maybe pack them all in a file to avoid files clattering?

  23. Hi Gemini, as you know RE2SN uses old MPEG encoded video files that took 1.18 GB size of all 1.56 GB data, can we encode these videos to h264 and got rid of MPEGs like what you did for RE1CR? if it’s a yes how? Thank you.

    1. Just replace the bin files in the movie folders with mp4 counterparts and it’s done, but you need to keep the same exact names, not with an mp4 extension.

  24. Installed mediakite version…when i launch I get “couldn’t find file \horr\jpn\data\kage.tim”

    Disc is mounted, checked installation folder and confirmed that the file is in fact there, and for good measure dragged the jpn folder from the iso to the folder…same error. What can I do?

  25. Wait, nevermind! I had the exe and ddraw inside the jpn folder… didn’t realize I had to have them inside the Biohazard folder instead. Works now! Thank you for this. Just to make sure everything is working correctly I took a screenshot:

    Looks much better than normal, although in fullscreen it looks a bit more pixelated than the video you posted. Is everything looking right?

  26. Excellent mod. Sadly i can no longer use my gamepad whereas i can with the non translation. All the same though-Thank you for all your hardwork πŸ™‚

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  28. Thanks Gemini! You rock! I was able to play and beat this game for the first time using your patches. I look forward to your future work on RE3 & Dino Crisis. So I got the closet key with chris but no closet key with jill. I just got an infinite machine gun. Does Jill not get the closet key after beating her campaign on the 1st run?

    1. Both players get the closet key on the same conditions, since the code performs the same exact checks. I think there’s a time limit or something to unlock it. Need to check the code again to see how the calculations are done.

        1. You have to make the good+ endings to get the closet key (saving both Barry/Chris or Jill and Rebecca)

  29. I have already made sure to see the screen in panoramic 16/9 finally the Reshade program is needed but nobody came here to explain what was missing. Now we only need to re 1 and 2 CHEAT the option of invincibility to work so that you never die to have infinite life because it is not working. and hopefully add for the resident evil 3 the same to work on modern aora pc please thanks.

      1. Ahh..I was using the mp4 files you linked to here:

        But after seeing a comment on that post I tried the ones here: , and they seem to work. You might want to consider linking to that one instead, which are .avi files like the originals.

        Need to test more later though, will update if something goes wrong. Thanks.

        1. I won’t, avi simply isn’t what Classic REbirth supports, except for the original videos. There’s no point in using gigantic movie packs.

  30. Good I have been looking to see if I opened something so that the screens were of high quality and looking I found a guy who made all the screens at 4k for the resident evil 1,2,3. of pc is a pass you see the perfect screens if someone could talk to the boy and put the screens that were seen in 4k hd this would already be incredible one pass the 3 resident evil would look perfect here I found the photos in case you want to look at them and contact or something.

  31. Thank you very much, i’m really happy with the dll, i tried for a month play the pc version without problems and only yesterday i could play without any problems, thanks, thanks, thanks, you are awesome dude!!!

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  33. When the hell is a tutorial about changing the language to the game? I have intentionally loaded the .xml files and the letters go wrong mixed with letters jap asin nobody knows how we are going to change to the language that one likes.

  34. Hi Gemini,

    Just a quick one wondering if you or anyone has got anywhere with the “MY GAME SAYS I’M MISSING ITEM_ALL.PIX” issue? I’ve tried move the folder to other areas in windows including the Program Files folder where it would be traditionally installed but after the config being set i get the same message?


    1. Hi, Make sure your biohazard.exe and rebirth ddraw.dll are in the same folder with “JPN” folder which contains data files
      You don’t need “horr” folder.

  35. RE2 Classic REbirth works pretty fine here, but when I try to run the RE1 Classic Rebirth, the game gives me an error saying:

    Failed to initialize the DirectX?

    Does anyone know how I can fix it?

        1. I can probably send you a copy of the dll which logs stuff so that I can check exactly where it’s failing. Do you have discord?

  36. Hey, I want to thank you for this dll, it’s great and I have already beat the game with Jill with no problem and are playing Chris’ run. The only small thing is that my opening video cutscene has some audio crackling and out of sync with the video.(k-lite codec installed)

    I’m curious about the greyed out options on the configration menu, like tactical reload, ignore focus and Japanese difficulty. Speaking about difficulty, I think this version(mediakite) is easer than other versions because of it being the Japanese version, can you confirm that? It has been a long time since I played the original, but I remember it as a much more challengeing game.

    1. If you’re having issues with video playback, it’s probably either the CPU having issue to upscale (you can check if this is the case by using a lower resolution) or your GPU is having trouble to create the necessary image data at the speed requested by the player. It’s definitively not a codec issue, since ffmpeg already has those covered for you. If this issue still persists, it will likely go away when I’m done porting RE1 to DX9.

  37. good I saw that you were haranguing for the Resident Evil Classic 1 REbirth fixing the graphics so that it can be seen up to 4k as a dino crisis but I do not see that you update the file or anything to be able to see it at 4k for when you are going to update something? new here

  38. Hello, I have a quick question about this fix, from what I’ve read it honestly seems like a perfect patch and I really want to use it but one problem which is does this work with any version of the game or is it JAPAN only? The reason why I’m asking is that I found this on pcgamingwiki which says requires Japan patch 1.01.

  39. Hi,

    I want to download the mods you’ve released for the game as I looked, I saw more information/tabs. By chance did you update the page and add even more to it? If you do (could you comment back if you did) thank you so freaking much, I’m so happy that you’ve updated it and even added more executables with the game so it should work with any of them now. Thank you again!

  40. Is there no way that this will work with the NEWEUR file or do I have to have the Japanese MediaKite version?

        1. Then try selecting DirectInput, that should fix it. Raw Input is indicated in most cases for special controllers like DualShock 3 and 4.

        2. Grayed options can’t be enabled. I just didn’t bother to remove them, it’s something not intended for the average user anyway.

  41. Would it be possible to change the difficulty settings? It’s really annoying to see that Jill has infinite ink ribbons and auto-aim cannot be deactivated… It would be cool to have at least the same difficulty as in the original US Play Station release. Anyway, thank you very much for your work and efforts!

  42. Re posting the comment here, since i posted if by accident on a different article like an idiot and can’t delete it now…

    Hi Gemini,

    I know you are working on Dino Crisis right now, but i do have some questions relating to RE Classic REbirth:

    Would you want to add all content and modes form other versions in the far future? Is this even worth to do?

    Biohazard (v1.0) PS1:

    – Exclusive costumes for JiIl and Chris
    – Add original end credits theme theme.

    Director’s Cut PS1:

    – Original mode
    – Training mode
    – Advanced mode (and its new alternative costumes for JiIl, Chris and Rebecca) As well as a cheat to get double ammo.

    So basically a port of the entire Directors cut content as a mod or patch.

    Director’s Cut Dual Shock Edition PS1:

    – International version (USA) has increased difficulty (Enemies have more health, both characters have less, Ink ribbons give 2 instead of 3 again) maybe include that as a separate difficulty mode?

    Biohazard Sega Saturn:

    – Exclusive Tick enemies (Reskinned Hunter)
    – Second Tyrant fight in the labs (Chris only)
    – Battle Mode minigame
    – New alternative costumes for Jill and Chris.

    Would that even be compatible with RE Classic REbirth? You don’t every have to bother with all this, if you don’t want to.

    After all you have already at this stage done more than enough.

    I mean just having a PROPERLY PLAYABLE VERSION of Resident Evil on PC is a miracle. I tried it to get it to work in the past, way before RE Classic REbirth was a thing and it never worked properly.

    Not to mention all your other work that you have done and are doing now. So THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your hard work & dedication!

    PS. Source for version differences:

    1. Probably way too much stuff for me to chew on. Some ideas were already considered (like Zombie Forest), but as mods. Integrating them into the main game would alter it considerably.

  43. Hi, great work on updating the original RE. Great work πŸ™‚ Though I’m a tiny bit confused over the resolutions since I can’t seem to run at my desktop’s 1280×800 in fullscreen, it always reverts to 1066×800 in fullscreen. But that’s a trivial point, however.

    I was wondering something about the mod-sdk, though I’m not sure where I can ask about it. I assume it requires compiling (something I’m terrible at doing) but if I understand correctly, it reroutes game reads into external files for modifications (like messages, font, etc.). Can this be done for backgrounds and if so, what format would it use? I’ve been trying to modify backgrounds and camera angles (a nightmare when it comes to the camera, since I cannot seem to use 3DS Max 8) but these are in the same format as the PS1 originals (*.TIM). Statics are usually fine to edit but many backgrounds have layers/masks which require transparency and everything I’ve tried, from changing between 8 and 16bpp to specific programs like img2tim, doesn’t produce usable results.

    So in short, does the mod-sdk handle backgrounds and their layers/masks? Thanks in advance!

    1. In short, yes, it does forward all files call when a mod is used, so that you don’t have to replace any of the original files. As a matter of fact, some embedded files aren’t even read from the game data because they are in the DLL and can only override via mods.
      As for backgrounds, you simply need to use PNG files inside mod\BG and name them like the following: ROOM_XYY_ZZ.png and ROOM_XYY_ZZ_mask.png, where X is the stage, YY is the room id, ZZ is the camera number. So, if you wanted to replace the second hall background you’d have to create mod\BG\ROOM_106_01.png and optionally a mask. Backgrounds are still limited to 320×240 and masks to 256×256, but they can use whatever alpha values and color depth.

      1. Thank you for the reply, I will test that as soon as I can πŸ™‚

        Although I must confess I’m having issues compiling the source under Visual Studio 2019. I don’t want to derail the purpose of this page, though – is there some way I can contact you about this? I’d just like to know exactly what I might be doing wrong with the compiler, but I understand if you cannot provide help in that regard.

        1. Hi again. Sorry to nag ^_^; While I haven’t been able to compile the SDK I have been successful in importing images via your suggestion (base mod folder with necessary files and folders inside). However, masks still follow the original file’s data structures, don’t they? By this I mean that placing a mask *.png by itself doesn’t magically overlay the mask correctly – it’s still necessary to change the mask definitions in the *.RDT files(with something like RDTExplorer), yes?

          But it is a start πŸ™‚

          1. You are right, in order for a mask to be placed correctly you need to provide overlay information inside the RDT itself. PNG support was added mainly to avoid the need of compressing images back into PAKs and also to overcome color limitations.

  44. Thank you! I’ve been doing just that and it’s working fine πŸ™‚ On occasion, one RDT will somehow mess rendering the layer but placing the actual PNG solves it, so it’s fine.

    I’ve been looking into converting as much as possible from the Director’s Cut into the PC version. Cameras and backgrounds are actually the easier part, though; scripting is the real problem. I know there’s a plethora of tools available but the community seems to have eaten itself up and while some tools are available, others are gone over forum dramas. I noticed your video with Forest zombie – was this actually released?

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Forest Zombie was mostly just a test for a tentative Director’s Cut hack, which isn’t exactly easy to pull.

      1. Tell me about it. Each step I take forward in modifying the game to get closer to the DC, I take two steps back because something else doesn’t work or breaks πŸ˜€

      2. Hi. Hopefully this will be my last time bothering you but I have to ask: is Item.xml for RE1 still unimplemented? I noticed Barry’s Mod used an item.xml file but I’m not sure it works there. I’m trying to make it so two unused items (Pickaxe and Oil Can) can be combined into an already existing item but the .xml doesn’t seem to work at all. And the item_simple.xml file doesn’t seem to register any changes either (in the sense that it will recognize changes to a Beretta’s name, for instance, but not the Pick Axe).

        1. The short XML file is the only one effectively used, the other one is used for changing names. It’s not implemented yet, probably won’t be for a while due to the absurd pointer system the game uses.

          1. I see…

            I’ve come to realize that adding some items through the Debug menu is not the same as the game handing them to you. If I place an item that on pickup adds the Com. Radio, the Radio never gets added to the inventory; items like the Closet Key and Oil Tank will be, however. Changing the text with desc, item_simple and misc.xmls works, though (still, it took me a while to realize the Special Key’s text was actually defined in the misc.xml and not the desc.xml, for some reason).

            I think I did manage to find the combination offsets in the .exe (between CA608 and CA694, if I’m not mistaken) but I haven’t poked them yet.

            I also think I found a bug in the original release of the game: combining the Minimi or the Ingram with Handgun Bullets will turn either weapon into a Beretta, with a black inventory icon. This Beretta works like a standard one in the game however, though it loses the infinite bullets.

            In any case, thank you for all the help and for all the work you’ve poured into revitalizing the game. I’ll probably spend another day or two trying to mod the game but it’s probably better to abandon the project, as every little thing I achieve feels like a pyrrhic victory. πŸ™

  45. hello gemini I saw that it made an update that the game can be played at 4k that it put on December 25th or 26th but here I do not see that it suva. that not all people have money to pay.

  46. Hi, The game works and all, but there’s this weird black box around the textures and text. Even in the character menu, where I would switch guns and stuff, The black box would be the cursor. is there a fix?

  47. I know that there is a solution, but since you mentioned crashing, I’m scared that it’ll just crash while im in the middle of playing and I haven’t saved for a while. Also, is there an option for ink ribbons?

  48. Okay, I’ve checked the game a little further. Some bugs I’ve noticed: There’s only ink ribbons for Chris’s campaign, but not for Jill’s. There’s also no shine to items, making most items almost impossible to notice. Is there a fix for this, or do I have to wait until the next patch?

    1. Jill doesn’t use any ink ribbons in her regular mode, she saves with no requirements. Loading a cleared game with Jill does make the ink ribbons appear. As for the shininess, nope, definitely still there:

      1. Is the lack of ink ribbon’s for jill’s mode only for the pc version? because the playstation version definatley had ink ribbons. It made the whole experience more tense and better. Also, stuff like the first floor map, ammo, and other stuff doesn’t shine for me. Maybe because I’m using the dg voodoo fix?

        1. Okay, so I did a bit of research. Apparently, the pc version of jill’s campaign only does not have any ink ribbons. Are you planning on adding them in, or leaving as is?

          1. Leaving it as is. You can still get the regular mode by clearing the game and starting from that saved game. As for the shines, it could be a dgvoodoo problem, but I’m not 100% sure about it.

      2. These patches are a beauty. Loading a cleared game with Jill will change other things for difficulty sake, besides the need for ink ribbons..? I’m currently playing as Jill for the 1st time and I’ve noticed some zombies and dogs are pretty soft, also there are less enemies πŸ™ I remember the PSX version and Jill’s story was not that easy. I really hope the number of enemies increase for the next playthrough

  49. hi, I’ve used your fix (thanks btw) but I am still getting the following error:

    “Couldn’t open file : \horr\jpn\data\item_all.pix”

    any insight would be greatly appreciated πŸ™‚

    1. Nevermind guys, I figured it out

      If you have this problem, MAKE SURE that the biohazard exe and the .dll fix is in the BIOHAZARD folder, NOT within the JPN folder. πŸ™‚

  50. Hi, what can be done with mod-sdk? Me and a friend are trying to change count down timers, can this be done? chanign 3 minutes for Tyrant timer and time for complete game? What files do we need?

  51. I am new here and would love to know how to play this mod. I saw a YouTube video where it said you need the Japanese version or something? I would be grateful for some guidance as I would really love to play this mod as it looks very nice compared to the original OG release.

  52. Is there a way to make your patch work with dgVoodoo 2?
    dgVoodoo 2 also uses the DDRAW.
    This would allow the game to use Reshade.

    1. i just needed to play original resident evil 1. and i use your dll patch and the beter video pack. its amazing this game needs two things to be the best version of them all
      1 porting the advance mode found only in directors cut from psx version. whitch is basicly a dearange mode. key items on diferent locations, increased dificulty diferent default costumes and more powerfull bereta
      2 a true fullscreen support.
      although i have some knowledge to know that the 1 suggestion is very difficult to apply, psx files need to patched to work on pc the 2 is not that mandatory some minutes in game and you forget the lack of fullsceen

      1. edit ive play a lot and found a small “bug” the backround music when battle a boss loops earlier that is suposed to loop

  53. Subtitles stuck in Demo mode…about 15 seconds in “A woman drawing water” please check and…support for 4K Wide Fullscreen please!!!!

    Thanks for your work and sorry for my english…

    God bless to you…

  54. Hi, is there way to change movie language? in ini says JapaneseEnable = 0, but movies have japaenes subtitle. but there are english movies in folder? can this be changed?

    1. the videos have japanese subs inside them ans cant be removed. the only solution is to download the better video pack that is a bit better quality still uncut and no subs at all

  55. Hello! I am currently having some issues with, what I think is from, this patch.
    1) When on the character select screen, (where you pick between Jill and Chris) it constantly cycles between the two characters non-stop. I’ve tried multiple controllers and with no controller connected to my PC, but it happens no matter what.
    2) When trying to open my inventory, it just brings up the configure menu. This makes it so that two buttons (The status and configure buttons) open up the configure menu, and none open the inventory. I’ve tried changing the status button but the new button still opens the configure menu.
    Other than those, everything is working great. If anyone has any fixes for these, it would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  56. Hello. I noticed there’s a tactical reload function unusable in the last released version, similar to the one implemented in Resident Evil 2 Classic REbirth. I guess that will go to the next release? Also, if it was possible to implement quickturn in both Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2, would it be possible to implement switching targets like in Resident Evil 3? I’m not asking about implementing the Resident Evil 3 dodging I suppose it would be too much of an addition for these two games, plus it would alter gameplay.

  57. What specific version of RE is required to use the patch? Does this work with RE Director’s cut ?

  58. directors cut is a psx game. never released for pc. you need the japanese version from mediakite (google it). dont worry about the default languge. the rebirth ddraw.dll will add english.

    1. Thanks for your reply.

      Well, then I think I’m staying with Director’s cut for the PSX, since it features a harder mode besides the original game

      1. the advance or arrange mode of psx is something i like too, i really hope to see a hacked version working on pc with pc visuals. yet i suggest you to play this, the rebirth dll will give visuals not seen before

        1. It’s always amazing to see the great love and work that is given to these classic game. I’ll check this out *_*

        2. thats a step forward since is something i really want to see running on pc (not via psx emulation) still needs more work.

  59. Hoping for that next version, I din’t pay attention and spent a while replacing tracks in the game, but the game crashes when I enter a room with a replaced track. The tracks seem to be too long for the game to load.

  60. Hi I am new here. Can someone tell me how to install this mod and configure it. When I download the file inside there is only 1 dll but no instructions what to do with it! πŸ™

      1. It’s very complicated!
        What is “Mediakite copy”? I don’t have JPN folder. Instead I have USA folder.
        Also I do not have Biohazard.exe but NEWEUR.exe. I just tested it and it does not work! It gives error “Could not open file:\horr\usa\movie\capcom” Which means its asking for the CD.
        I have already installed the game and the Resident Evil EUR v1.00c Patch!

        1. Mediakite is a Japanese print of the game. This DLL can only be used on Japanese copies of the game, with a specific exe provided on this very site. The rest of the procedure is just copying files correctly, very simple to do when you have a Japanese copy and by following those illustrated steps.

          1. There is a fix for the international ports of RE1, but if you don’t have an Nvidia GPU the game will not boot and you will have to run it in software mode.

          2. Also to run RE1&RE2 you have to have the CD in your disc drive. ISO’s counts as discs.

  61. google it wou will find it. and this patch will also english patch the game. is well worth it

  62. Hi gemini, i’m using windows xp, and ddl jumps this error entry point not found, procedure ReleaseSRWlock exclusive, in the dynamic library Kernel32.dll, gemini please could add support for windows xp, i have a pentium 4 computer that I turned to old games, in the other update of your ddraw.dll fix this error, thanks. !!

    1. Sorry but no XP support, I don’t even have a machine to test it. Some of the components used are not supported on XP, plus it’s a dead OS.

  63. hi, i understand .. really windows xp is a dead system, but who likes to remember old games like dino crisis 1, 2 or resident evil 2 and 3 sourse next, among others, thanks Gemini.

    1. if you want the good old legacy feeling for resident evil 1 there is a good fix on faster systems, set max fps to 30. althouth if you want the best from it, play it on newer os with the dll rebirth patch

  64. So I appear to be having a particular problem that doesn’t seem to have been addressed by anyone else. I have installed the JP version of RE1 on my Windows 10 with Gemini’s DLL and I did it exactly the way it is explained to me here in the troubleshooting guide. Everything was going fine (I even got the config box to pop up and was able to specify the settings I wanted). Then I tried launching the game for the first time and a black screen would appear (as if it were trying to launch) and then it would crash. It won’t even let me try launching the game again for a second time unless I restart my computer. Still, nothing would happen. No error message and I can’t even get into the game. I’m lost as to what to do and would like some advice.

    I’ve had no problem with getting RE2’s Classic Rebirth to work on my computer, but RE1 just refuses to work for me.

  65. RE looking great with this unbelievably easy to use patch, thanks. I have one little problem, Chris’s shotgun looking all dark brown like if it was a wooden replica is the kind of visual issues that dgVoodoo fixes??
    Anyone else is having this problem?

  66. Followed instructions correctly, and when I try to do a first run of the game, it tries to load the CAPCOM logo, the audio played out, but crashed since no visuals showed up, just a teal screen. I opened it again and now it just wouldn’t work at all. Please send help!

  67. Can’t call the quit screen by pressing F9 nor cycle between resolution modes with F8.
    All other hotkeys work just fine. Already tried reinstalling.
    This just happened out of nowhere, last week I could use those keys

  68. 1) It’d be very cool if you could hide the mouse cursor in fullscreen, just like how you did in BIO2?

    2) Is there any way for me to remap the keyboard keys other than what the game allows, like shift for run and tab for inventory, mouse clicks for aim even?

    1. Hi there!
      Yes, there is a way to remap keys the way you want, even mouse buttons. Here, try this in config.ini file:
      Key_Def = 57 00 53 00 41 00 44 00 43 04 00 00 11 02 00 00 00 00 10 02 45 01 00 00 5A 00 51 09
      WASD for movement, TAB/Q for inventory screen, E/LMB/SPACE for fire/interact, CTRL/RMB for aim.
      You’re welcome! ^__^

      I wish there was a way to set all those keys with the menu key binding oprion, but it only takes letters and numbers. But anything is possible by manually editing the config file (google “Virtual-Key Codes” for specific values).

  69. It works like a charm, thanks! But I have one interesting question.
    I’ve seen that in-game files can be replaced with PNG files with transparency. Thanks to russian translation I realised how it performed. But is it possible to replace backgrounds? I found this string in source code:
    sprintf(out, “ROOM\\ROOM_%X%02X_%02d.png”, Stage + 1, Room, Cut);
    Extract_pak(path, out, 1);
    Looks like it’s possible but I have no idea how I should to rename that PNG file. Can you please tell me an example? Thank you.

  70. Does anyone know of an alternative HQ movie pack? The one listed looks great, but it has audio sync issues, which is evident when Jill yells, “Joseph!” or when she cocks her gun during her bio (pu.mp4). I assume it’s because the frame rate was enhanced to 30fps.

    1. I think this is present in any of the movies, at least how I understood it as I saw in each PSX release. I don’t think it can be fixed (unless you have the raw footage and sounds).

      1. I’m not so sure. The audio sync issues aren’t nearly as bad in the Japanese intro (pj.mp4), but it’s only 16 frames opposed to pu.mp4’s 30. Could the added frames in the non-Japanese cutscenes be the culprit?

        1. I rewatched the updated scene through the game. I haven’t noticed any audio desyncing that hasn’t been in the original scene already. Except for Jill when she reloads her gun, but I assume that was like that in the original PSX release

          1. I was playing the PS1 version last night with my brother for the 25th anniversary and you’re right about the audio desyncing on Jill’s gun cocking, though it’s still not as bad as in the enhanced pu.mp4. I also compared the original cutscenes from the Biohazard and Resident Evil discs to the enhanced ones. The desyncing in the original Japanese cutscenes appear to be on par with the enhanced ones (the enhanced ones only add 6 extra frames). However, the desyncing in the enhanced “usa” cutscenes appear to be worse (albeit slightly) than the originals. It’s a nitpick, I know, but I honestly think the 20 extra frames on the “usa” cutscenes are what’s causing it. I’m going to try contacting Loboto3 to see what he thinks about it and if he’d be willing to re-enhance them. If that fails, I suppose I could take a crack at it.

            At any rate, I appreciate your input. πŸ˜€

          2. Well, if you can somehow resync them, and get a movie file out of it, mind getting a link somewhere so it doesn’t get lost?

            Maybe then, try other games with shotty sync timings in cutscenes, you’d be doing more people a favor by fixing audio timings

  71. Would it be possible to separate the Run and Cancel buttons? In the PC version, Run and Cancel are assigned to the same button.
    In the PS1 version (and also in RE2 and 3), Run and Cancel each have their own button.

    1. I think they’re working on making it too where you can duplicate buttons, so you can use whatever button you want per command set.

      Idk if you can separate a command set with only a DLL file by itself, but I know they’re hard at work making something similar possible.

    2. RE2 and 3 never had buttons separated on PlayStation (i.e. cancel and run always map to the same button). Anyways no, not really possible to do unless I plague myself with huge rewrites.

      1. I believe they mainly concerned the original PSX release of Resident Evil, which is why they asked here instead of in the RE2CR page.

        Though I could imaging I would agree with you anyways, which is why I mentioned what you said about the multi-bind on Twitter (may have concerned more for RE3, but I imagine it will come too RE1, RE2 and DC1 and the upcoming DC2).

      2. Alright, thanks for the reply. RE1, 2 and 3 definitely have separate buttons for Run and Cancel on PS1 though. I just checked all three to make sure:

        X: Action
        SQUARE: Run
        TRIANGLE: Cancel

        For whatever reason, their PC ports don’t have a dedicated Cancel button, which is a minor annoyance when you’ve played them on PS1 many times.

          1. The menu (Status) button is something else. That button doesn’t cancel an action, it exits the status screen completely.

            In RE1 (PS1): Menu is START.
            In RE2-3 (PS1): Menu is CIRCLE.

    1. OK, I found a way through editing the config.ini file. A0=L.SHIFT, 11=CTRL and etc.

      I wish it was possible to assign those keys in an easier way through the config menu.

      1. From exactly where (I mean, a website that lists all these Hex values of keyboard buttons.) did you find these codes? I want to assign running and cancelling to LSHIFT and firing/applying to SPACE, any other buttons than these two are tough for me

        1. Well, I changed the keys in RE3 config to see which value in the ini file will change. Same way I found out which number in RE1’s ini file I needed to alter. Cumbersome and inefficient, sure. But it worked.

        2. After doing a bit of research (Googled it, yeah) I found a table of “Virtual Key Codes” which seems to align with what is being used in config.ini file. Here:

          Simply discard the “0x” part and you have the code for each and every button. Everything works fine, even mouse buttons (surprisingly comfortable, huh). Viva la customizable controls!

          Here, let me get you some values from the list:
          01 LMB
          02 RMB
          04 MMB
          05 X1MB
          06 X2MB
          09 TAB
          0D ENTER
          10 SHIFT
          11 CTRL
          12 ALT
          14 CAPS
          1B ESC
          20 SPACE
          A0 L.SHIFT
          A1 R.SHIFT
          A2 L.CTRL
          A3 R.CTRL

  72. Hi, thank you for the amazing work, i’m waiting for future updates with supersampling and volume control among other things. I’m making this post to ask a question i’ve had for some time regarding your work which is, Is it possible to have the difficulty settings from the US release as a toggleable option? The most noticeable thing from that was the lack of auto aiming, there was an option in the previous build called “Japanese Difficulty” which i found in the config file but it seems to be missing in the latest build. I assumed toggling it (putting it to 0) would enable the US difficulty and disable autoaming as a result but it did nothing iirc. This would be amazing to have imo as it would make this pc port the best way to play because of the toggleable gameplay options including the the ones you added not to mention the other qol tweaks.

    1. The option was there because I thought the game had a separate difficulty to work like the US version. Turns out that can be unlocked by simply finishing the game, so the option was never programmed and removed altogether.

      1. Oh cool cool, didn’t know that. I asked the same question in conjunction with another question regarding auto aiming in RE2 and 3 on your RE3 tactical reload tweet right after posting here. Ignore that bit there πŸ™‚

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