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AvatarDuke asked 1 month ago

I’m almost sure it’s possible to do this with the mod sdk but i’m kinda lost on how (not being familiar with c++ didn’t help, but that’s on me, sorry).
The mod SDK references “walk_mesh” and i believe it was planned at some point it could unpack and repack the collision boundaries of each room.
I’m looking for a way to extract these boundaries to make some measurements (it’s a bit troublesome to measure the maps with all the pre rendered camera angles) so, if possible, could you give me some pointers on how to use that part of the mod sdk?

AvatarGemini Staff replied 1 week ago

Walkmesh extraction was never planned, that is part of the RDT format. Considering it would require a visual editor it was never meant to be implemented into mod-sdk.

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