AvatarSH121 asked 2 months ago

This is related to all the games here specifically RE1, 2 and DC1. Is it possible for you to add some post processing filters? Because in fullscreen everything looks quite pixelated, specially the color shading on walls and objects.

AvatarGemini Staff replied 2 months ago

You can use Reshade natively on DC1. For RE2 you need to use dgvoodoo, there’s some explanation on how to use it on RE2 in the troubleshooting section.

AvatarSH121 replied 2 months ago

I checked it and I could only find this information that stretching can be done using Reshade+dgvoodoo. I couln’t find more. Though, I’m not looking to stretch the image, just want it to look better and less pixelated.

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