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AvatarJellyBean asked 1 month ago

I can use an XBox 360 controller just fine using Xinput, but the only way to exit is by using the F9 key on a keyboard. Would it be possible to add a binding for that in the configuration menu? I would normally use Steam controller configuration to assign arbitrary keys, but the overlay doens\’t work with this title. I guess a possible DX9 version might fix that?

AvatarEddie replied 1 month ago

use xpadder

AvatarGemini Staff replied 1 month ago

I wouldn’t add that because it’d make it too easy to accidentally exit the game.

AvatarMerolaC replied 1 month ago

Can I pitch on this?
How about R3 + Start to exit?
That is plenty difficult (impossible) to pull of while gaming, since the Right Stick is not used at all.
That’s how I had my arcade cabinet to exit games.

Just my 2 cents.

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