Slow voices in 1.0.9 when using High Quality sound mod

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AvatarIazu asked 1 month ago

I was just trying out 1.0.9 with a new game and noticed when I got to Kendo his voice seemed way deeper and slower than before, then it cut off too soon. Same thing with the entire conversation. After troubleshooting a bit this only seems to happen in 1.0.9 with the High Quality sound mod installed. If I launch with default sound, it’s fine. Likewise if I revert back to the previous Rebirth dll I can run both vanilla and High Quality sound just fine. Same settings all around otherwise. Just curious if anyone else is having this happen.

AvatarXuru replied 4 weeks ago

Exact same thing happens to me

AvatarGemini Staff replied 4 weeks ago

Problem is I didn’t change a single thing with the audio.

AvatarXuru replied 4 weeks ago

@Iazu I found a fix. Go back to the mod page and scroll down to the comment section, and click on the link. It links to a revised version of the mod, bug isn’t present anymore

AvatarXuru replied 4 weeks ago

Instead of simply copying the .zip file into the game’s directory, you’ll have to extract it and copy the extracted files to the directory, replacing the old files when asked. Just delete the extracted .dll file before replacing the old files, since it’s an old version of CR and would only downgrade your game

AvatarIazu replied 4 weeks ago

@Gemini Weird! I wonder what’s causing it then. I will admit I didn’t do a completely fresh install but that didn’t really seem necessary since ReBirth is just a DLL and the mod is a zip so neither mess with any of the install files.

@Xuru Thanks! I’ll give that a try. Still, I wonder what caused the problem to begin with.