Vorbis mod dialogue speed issue since 1.0.9

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Avatarp0uet asked 1 month ago

Previously discussed here: https://appleofeden.de-doc.com/index.php/forums/slow-voices-in-1-0-9-when-using-high-quality-sound-mod/ but the thread was closed without a fix 🙁
I made a quick video about the issue: https://youtu.be/rRP90lUx6T8
In the video I delete my config file and start playing with 1.0.8, voices are perfectly normal in Kendo’s shop. Then I switch to 1.0.9 and delete my config again (just to make sure it’s not some kind of conflict with the settings) and you can hear that the voices are a bit slower, it even cuts Leon’s sentence… I didn’t show in the video but I also tried with the “Legacy framerate” option, but same result.

Avatarp0uet replied 1 month ago

As a test I grabbed the Classic Rebirth HQ pack from here: http://re123.bplaced.net/board/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=308
I extracted the 3 folders, added a custom “manifest.txt” and 7zipped them (using “s=off” like said in the docs). When I boot the game and select that new mod, voices work like a charm with it. However it’s much, much bigger than the vorbis one obviously (~900MB vs. ~200MB).
So idk, looks like 1.0.9 doesn’t like vorbis compression anymore for some reason?

AvatarChampionLeake replied 1 month ago

I’m actually having the same issue as well.
I haven’t reverted to the previous sound mod, but the narrator of the intro and kendo’s voice is much deeper and slow.

Avatarp0uet replied 1 month ago

If you are interested, I repacked the HQ pack I linked above as a mod compatible with Classic Rebirth: https://mega.nz/file/FnJjwIDQ#ptm8x3sdmsXlvSFKxzfUKD7YsoDri_7ttqqRs6Wj1Yk
I kept the creator name and the special thanks in the description of the mod of course, I hope this is OK to share.

Simply download and put in your game folder (the folder with bio2.exe, ddraw.dll, etc.), just like the vorbis mod there’s no need to extract! Then select the mod when you launch the game 🙂

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