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The Great Beyond / Re: Resident Evil Survivor PC Port
« Last post by Gemini on October 25, 2023, 05:03:37 PM »
It's not a proper port, more like a very bland reproduction. Already checked the code and it reeks, so I'm def never going to work on that version.
Bug reports / Re: Vorbis mod dialogue speed issue since 1.0.9
« Last post by bslenul on October 25, 2023, 12:34:44 PM »
Reinstalled RE2 + Rebirth mod few days ago and wanted to revisit this, I couldn't find any doc on the SAP format but I figured most of how it works by myself (concatening the files, putting the sizes and the number of files in the footer for SAP with multiple audio files, etc.).

With my limited skills I managed to make a shell script to repack all my OGG files (converted from the 2023 version of lexar87's mod), the only thing I couldn't figured out is the header of the SAP files, so I just ended up using the header of the original files and it seems to work.

Do you know any way for "verifying" SAP files? I played a bit and it seems to work great but I'm not feeling like replaying the 4 scenarios, visiting every single room, triggering every sound, etc. just to double check if everything is OK :'( I thought I could use the "SOUND TEST" from the debug menu, but it is greyed out :(

Here's the mod if anyone is interested (as mentioned above IT WAS NOT FULLY TESTED):

As for the issue itself, I could be wrong of course but my guess is that it's because of the sample rate, the original vorbis mod has 37.8kHz files, I'm using 44.1kHz files and they're not distorted or anything. As to why it worked before 1.0.9, no idea :P
Resident Evil 2 Classic REbirth / Has Anyone Tried Porting the N64 Costumes to Classic Rebirth
« Last post by Tf2isKing on October 09, 2023, 08:04:27 AM »
I'm Talking about these
The Great Beyond / Resident Evil Survivor PC Port
« Last post by Tf2isKing on September 21, 2023, 04:29:07 PM »
I saw that here was a PC Port for Resident Evil Survivor and was wondering if the Classic Rebirth Patch can be applied to it in some different way.

In case you don't know what I'm talking about.

The Game Itself:

User creations / Re: RE3 Polish Translation
« Last post by Gemini on April 29, 2023, 05:27:21 PM »
That translation basically includes a portion of the game, and for some reason the mercenaries exe which is useless. Please don't post game files, especially with my patch included on top - as the disclaimer says, this website does not deal with piracy. Also the mod seems to have some files flagged as viruses and can't be downloaded, so just in case I'm removing the link.
User creations / RE3 Polish Translation
« Last post by krzys837 on April 29, 2023, 07:32:39 AM »
Hello. Some days ago I released a Polish translation mod for Rebirth. Nexus mod link:
[redacted link]
Bug reports / Crashing after Capcom logo
« Last post by TeridaxIcarax on April 19, 2023, 04:11:47 PM »
I did just like the tutorial said but after it shows the capcom logo it crashes to desktop, what i'm doing wrong?
The off-topic dumpster / Re: Welcomes
« Last post by skarstoker on April 19, 2023, 01:40:28 AM »
Hello everybody  ;D
User creations / Re: RE2 - Spanish Translation
« Last post by skarstoker on April 18, 2023, 01:47:49 AM »
Hi friend

thanks for the translation work, it's amazing.


Here a capture

Resident Evil 2 Classic REbirth / Cannot make it past intro cutscene
« Last post by Hot Carl on March 03, 2023, 03:37:47 AM »
I followed the guide posted on the main site exactly, and the game launches just fine. However, after the intro cutscene one of two things happens. 1. The screen goes black, and I can navigate the title screen but not see it. I can hear the cursor moving around and even start the game, but get no picture, despite seeing the intro cutscene just fine. 2. The game just crashes as soon as the cutscene ends.

I'm not running with compatibility modes, no mods, just what is required to play via the installation guide. I'm on Windows 11, not sure if this is the cause. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I just finished REmake for the first time and am itching to play RE2 with quick turn and optimal fps.
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