Author Topic: I have an Italian PC version of RE2! is it possible to have it also for REbirth?  (Read 1754 times)

Spencer Manson

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Sorry for the double post but I was afraid it was visible in the other thread on the Spanish language.

Hello and thanks for the great work you have done. I have a request, I have the PC platinum version in my language with the lyrics in “ITALIAN” would it be possible to use the files of this version to modify one of these Spanish / German patches and finally be able to play it in my language too?
Unfortunately, in the English version the subs are not present during the conversations in the game and it makes it rather difficult to understand.
Or if you want I could send you the data files of my version in Italian to give you the opportunity to create a patch in Italian, here in Italy we love Resident Evil 2! a patch would be great for us too!
I would not want to simplify things too much, in fact I do not know if it is too difficult a process to program this. in case I apologize, but it would be really nice, also because the PC version and the Dreamcast version are the only ones to have the HARD mode and the Dreamcast one has never been localized in Italian, it would be a nice gift for us,
I am also registered on many groups about Resident Evil and especially about the Italian ones I would be really happy to give this great news and share it as far as I can!
thanks again
Greetings from Italy!


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Sure, an italian translation is possible.

Here are all the files you need: