Author Topic: RE3 doesn't launch unless directly double-clicked on  (Read 760 times)

RE3 doesn't launch unless directly double-clicked on
« on: January 09, 2022, 01:28:58 PM »
Hi, I love Resident Evil, therefore I intend to have them on my PC at all times, so for a quick launch I designed a batch menu system to select the games instead of having a dozen individual shortcuts on my desktop.

The batch menu works fine with RE1 & 2 and Dino Crisis Classic Rebirth. But when I launch RE3 with it, video files and audio don't work and the game crashes when I leave the main menu.

I use this command to launch the game:

Code: [Select]
start [path to game]/bio3.exe
I tried launching the game with Windows' cmd, same thing. I changed its location to C:\ and D:\, same thing.

The game only launches if I directly click on it or its direct shortcut.

Hope this is fixable.
Also want to thank you deeply for these patches, you have reached sainthood for this. Have a very nice day.